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Fischer Vario Ti Pole


Fischer has built a robust Titanal pole for use anywhere on the mountain. Titanal is a high-strength aluminum alloy which is less likely to break due to the addition of titanium. Of course, titanium is low-density, resulting in a very light, stiff pole shaft. The Fischer Vario Ti is a two-piece, telescoping pole topped with extended EVA foam for gripping in various hand positions. The Vario winter powder basket adorns the ferrule for maximize float in soft snow. The new PowerLock adjustment system allows for quick and easy length changes with gloved hands. Variable-length titanium is the new hotness.

  • Made with Titanal, a very strong and surprisingly light aluminium.
  • Poles adjust from 105-140cm with a flick of the Power Lock.
  • Lightweight foam grip has ribs for easy grabbing on the shaft.
  • Vario Winter basket is durable and easily replaceable.
  • Padded wrist strap lets you relax your hand while pushing.
Lengths (cm) 105-140 adjustable
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 464g
Sections 2
Grip Tour Full Foam L Grip
Basket & Tip Sintered tip, Vario Winter basket
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Titanal
Skimo Co Says
Usage All around touring
Notes High-strength aluminum alloy which is less likely to break due to the addition of titanium
Bottom Line Strong titanal pole for everyday use
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Model: Vario Ti UPC: 9002972056239

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