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The Hagan Extreme is a neat little approach ski that actually skis. Once you get used to skiing on a 130cm board, you will fine it handles on even steep, icy slopes. It has impressive torsional rigidity for its size, and it's sidecut makes it very agile. Approach and escape on the Extreme. ~930 grams (2lb 1oz).

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David (used product regularly)
Dont let the short size fool you, these are not an expensive version of your kids skis. They are stiff as a rail and hold an edge on ice like a pit bull with a baby. Mounted with tech bindings and La Sportiva Sideral boots I use these skis to ski ice and hard packed crud. Great on narrow trails, and likely work great for spring skiing with long approaches and or bushwacking. Doubt they will work on soft powder, duh!
I am hoping to use them as travel skis to places with mostly hiking and very little snow patches such as Mt Stanley, Pico De Orziba.
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Model: Extreme UPC: 9008739401113

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