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When the sun is shining and the powder is fresh, skiers tend to choose sunglasses over goggles because of how well they breathe and vent heat. Once the storm hits, though, and the hills are socked in and covered in swirling snow, goggles become a necessity. When conditions sit somewhere between socked in and sunny, skiers have been left without any good eyewear options-- until now. Julbo took note of skiers’ demands for a goggle designed specifically for backcountry skiing and proceeded to create one of the most versatile products on the eyewear market.

Say hello to Starwind, the smaller version of the popular Aerospace. The Starwind features a slick patented-technology called Superflow that allows the user to lift the lens a few millimeters away from the frame on a set of small arms. This gives you 360° of airflow and venting while still retaining full lens-function. When it’s time to ski back down through a bowl of bliss, just pop the lenses back into the frame. The Starwind ties all the benefits of goggles and sunglasses into one simple package. If you wear a small or medium-sized helmet and prefer to enjoy the finer things in life (like the best eyewear in existence), try the Julbo Starwind goggles-- you won’t be disappointed.

  • SuperFlow system allows you to lift the lens away from the frame for full airflow performance while skinning. Just press on either side of the frame until you hear a small click and then it’s locked back in for downhill mode.
  • Anatomic frame features perforations at key points throughout the frame for better sealing and comfort against your face.
  • The spherical double lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating.
  • Axis straps have pivots in the back for better helmet compatibility.
  • The dual-layered foam features a more supportive layer close to the frame while the next to skin layer is soft and comfortable.
  • Silicone lined strap mitigates yard sales during a tomahawk.
  • Photochromic lenses change from lightest to darkest mode in as little as 22 seconds.
  • The minimalist frame offers unrestricted vision up, down, and to the side in spite of the smaller lens.

Update 2019/20: Julbo REACTIV lenses adapt faster and to a wider range of light conditions than any earlier Julbo lenses. There is a wide range of lens options, so check the chart (included in 'product images') for a full rundown of the entire Julbo line.

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