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La Sportiva RSR Race Tips


The RSR race tip kit consists of a bungee cord, branded stopper, and plastic end cap to grab when ripping your skins. The kit weighs 8 grams (0.3 ounces) per tip, including two hammer rivets that are included. The tips can be affixed to any race skins off the roll, or used to adapt existing skins to skis with race-style tip notches.

To use the tips, cut and fold a length of skin over the bungee (glue side out), punch holes for the rivets, and hammer the two sides of the rivets together. Then crimp the metal bracket in place behind the branded stopper at the length you desire. Slide the plastic end caps where you want them, cut off any excess bungee, and clamp into place. Finally, go and race.

Sold in pairs.

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Model: RSR Skin Attachment

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