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Odd Balls Organic Mushroom Energy Balls


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Seeking to provide sustainable and nutritious energy, Odd Balls Organic Mushroom Energy Balls are the perfect alternative for those tired of choking down artificial-tasting energy gels while deep in the pain cave. At the base of these delicious balls are Cordyceps and Lions Mane mushrooms, which help to decrease tiredness, increase mental clarity, and help with immunity. To sweeten the deal naturally and not artificially, the Odd Balls utilize lemon, coconut, almonds, cashews, and dates which combine to form a tasty treat while also providing energy to working bodies. With just a dash of Himalayan Salt, the Odd Balls help to replenish electrolytes lost during vigorous activity. For an alternative to the status quo, the Odd Balls Organic Mushroom Energy Balls make a tantalizing choice.

  • Mushroom blend helps decrease fatigue, increase alertness, and even helps with immunity.
  • Lemon Juice with other natural ingredients combine to form a tasty snack, with zero added sugar.
  • All natural and organic ingredients are good for you and the planet.
  • Founded by a cancer survivor and SLC native.

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Model: Organic Mushroom Energy Balls

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