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Per ancient Near Eastern texts, Eve tempted Adam into eating from the tree of knowledge, inducing self-consciousness. This Original Sin is perhaps best symbolized in the clothes that the duo put on soon afterward, leading to their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Now you can relive this mythopoetic drama with Petzl’s Eve T-shirt! Not only is it Violet (Eve’s favorite color), it’s 100% cotton, symbolizing the soft, mossy carpets that populated Eden prior to the Fall. It also has two arm holes—one each for Adam and Eve—and a single head hole, a stand-in for the monotheistic power with which humanity had direct communion before they got too uppity. Lastly, the shirt comes in four different sizes, a tribute to the cardinal directions that dictate the seasonal conditions for laborious agriculture, one of the punishments enacted on A & E for their transgression. We invite you to overcome the foibles of human nature with Petzl’s Eve t-shirt.

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