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Plum Saler T-Shirt

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Using a unique, anatomically designed cut to enhance performance while holding a hamburger or protein shake, the Plum Saler T-Shirt is a garment designed to provide coverage to your torso. Plum conducted a study to find out how many arms the average human has at any given time. The consensus, believe it or not, is that the average human is most often found carrying two arms around, which is why the Saler T-Shirt features not one, but two arm holes complete with sleeves. A hole near the top of the T-shirt has been fashioned to allow your neck and head to pop through, while still meeting proper coverage standards. One large hole near the bottom serves multiple purposes, but covering your midriff and handling on/off duties were the primary goals. If you give a skier a Plum binding, they’ll come back for three or four more to outfit the rest of their skis and their T-Shirts are no different.

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