Height:5' 9"
Weight:170 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.00
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
My Skiing

Roughly 200-250k vert per year touring. Living in VT about half of that comes from early morning skinning for freshly groomed piste and then carving down that. So I like touring skis that lay trenches on trails too.

Lots of skiing VT trees, alpine couloirs in NH, and annual bc ski trips to northeastern Quebec, San Juans, CO, GTNP, and Iceland.

My Gear

This years predominant touring skis will be
178 Kastle MX 98 w/ Dynafit Vertical FT12
189 Sportiva Vapor Float w/ Dynafit Vertical FT12

Boots are a 26.5 TLT6 Performance

Recent Posts

Really great ski for what I used it for- lots of groomer tours before lifts spin. And even a couple laps on the chairs when I didn't have enough time to switch to alpine gear. I used the 185cm. The ski is very stiff, but the tip and tail rocker allow for a little easier turn engagement and disengagement in a ski with that much length. I was able to get this carving up to around 45-55mph before I started to get a little concerned about the chatter and jumpiness. These are not a damp ski at all. You feel th...

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