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Land H

Land H
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Awesome. Didn't realize the glue was under the skin parts. Thanks!
The tails on my skins are starting to lose some stick and reliability along with it. They are ok in good conditions, but get pretty iffy otherwise. Do you guys have glue for a touch up? Any advice?
I used these boots throughout winter 2017, probably ~130k of vert and many days and hours, including a couple of hut trips in Idaho, a bunch of Utah powder days, even the Powderkeg. Can't say I abused them by trying to do rocky ridge traverses and mixed climbs or anything, but I did walk about 5 miles of City Creek pavement in them once. For reference, I ski in tecnica inferno 130 boots in the resort and have previously used Mercuries, ONE's and the Maestrale RS for touring. In all those boots, I've used ...

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