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Pomoca is only contented by having the fastest skins on the market. The Race Pro 2.0 formula has been competition and lab tested for several years with the singular goal of maximizing glide. This is the skin that Kilian Jornet has been winning race after race on in Europe. Now available for the rest of us, the Race 2.0 will shine on long climbs and traverses where extra resistance translates into lost energy. Soon to monopolize podiums around the world, the new pink skins from Pomoca are its best yet.

  • Robust Top Fix race attachment is a quick-rip and quick-apply bungee cord system.
  • Race Pro 2.0 is the glidey-est Pomoca formula yet with a low coefficient of friction.
  • Safer Skin Light is a tear-resistant, waterproof backing that is 12% lighter than others.
  • Every Dry 2.0 is an advanced hydrophobic treatment that is safer for the environment.
  • Glide Pro is a bonus fiber treatment that prevents hateful glopping and improves glide.
  • Fitted bag included so you don’t soil the precious glue between training and racing.

Update 2020/21: The race skins now ship in a reusable compact zippered case.

Length 160cm
Width 59mm or 62mm
Materials   Ancient Swiss secret
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rando racing
Bottom Line Best glide on the market

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Doug
Hi Skimo,

Thanks for being awesome.

Just curious, do all Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 Skins smell like ladies perfume or was that something unique to mine? I bought them for my wife for Christmas and she smelled them, not knowing they were in her stocking and thought I had been cheating on her :) They've been off-gasing outside for days but we're going to have to get rid of the case because of the wreak of cheap perfume...ideas?
Answer from jbo
Good question, Doug! In the somewhat recent past, Pomoca made the decision to trick wives into thinking they were getting perfume for Christmas. They added scent to the packaging for a full sensory experience.
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Question from Jackson L
How do these compare to the Race Pro Grip skins? I ordered a set of the grips as I'll primarily be using my setup for local ski resort laps (really steep hardpack) but eventually want to do some actual racing. Is the superior glide on these noticeable or would it be a good idea to have both/exchange for these?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jackson, there is a notable glide difference between this and the Grip skins. It's nice to have both options available for racing since you may end up with a really slick climb where you'd have an advantage with extra grip. Conversely, some long, less steep sections you would be better off with the Race Pro 2.0.
Answer from Jackson L
Conversely, might the race pro's struggle on really steep ski resort type of terrain?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jackson, indeed, there will be a lower slope angle limit for these vs the Grip skins.
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Question from James Erario
Would you recommend the 62mm for a Zero G 85? I was thinking of having two skins: one for races (this one) and one for mountaineering (full coverage skin). Thanks!!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey James, thanks for reaching out! The extra exposed base material on the edges and tail may be a little more than you may want in some situations. For example, when skinning across a slope, you won't have much skin material to grip the uphill edge.

Also, do you have tip notches in your Zero G 85? If so, maybe you could build some custom race skins using race tips and a wider skin material like 85mm Pomoca Race Pro 2.0!
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Neil B (used product regularly)
I bought these skins to use for races and harder workout days also to compare to my Voile Super Lite Skins. So far I would say that the Pomoca's outperform the Voile's in similar conditions. Better traction and glide, stick much better yet seem to remove easier. However, I have not put them to the test yet in super wet conditions. And due to other's reviews on durability, I do not want to tear these up in icy conditions so usually, I will throw on the Voile's to save these. I recommend these for those looking to go fast on the up!
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Question from polly
What width race skins are standard? Is it 59 or 62mm?
Answer from TSB
Hi Polly, 59mm is the "standard" for World Cup racers; it's slightly faster and easier to slap on between your edges during moments of race-induced hypoxia. 62mm width is preferred by newer skinners and folks battling icier skintracks. Hard to go wrong either way!
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Marek Z (downright abused product)
Best race skins so far but not very durable, I used them for two race seasons. Glide and grip in various conditions is excellent. Glue is also very good and works even in spring warm conditions. I like them better than purple Colltex PDG. However, durability is not their strong side, you have to be really careful because even a small piece of ice can damage the plush. During one race we had some icy sections and one pair of my 2.0's has lost lots of the plush underfoot.
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Pete (used product a few times)
5 stars for the best glide on warm snow. Durability seems to be on par with with other races skins I've used. The white plastic tab on the end rips off, if I hadn't cut the bungee so short I'd go with an overhand knot instead.

If you're looking for cold snow performance look to the Contours and Colltex PDGs
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T Fink (downright abused product)
These skins rock and I have been super happy with them in almost all situations. The glide is totally fantastic and cannot be argued with. They go on easy and I have only had one partial skin failure after a really long day out without perfect skin care (snow started creeping in).

The only place I have seen these struggle is on hardpack with a light dusting of new snow. When skinning in these conditions the skins will slip all over the place if your technique gets sloppy. Stay balanced and they'll keep gripping.

The plastic grip tip could be better. I have already pulled one off though it does not affect performance it does leave two little bungie ends out flapping around. A nylon loop would be more durable.
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Question from Land H
The tails on my skins are starting to lose some stick and reliability along with it. They are ok in good conditions, but get pretty iffy otherwise. Do you guys have glue for a touch up? Any advice?
Answer from Rebekah S
Hi Land,

A touch up of glue should help fix the problem. We are out of Pomoca Glue Tubes at the moment, but are ordering some here shortly. Be sure to check the Pomoca Skin Parts listing in the next week or so.
Answer from jbo
Hi Land, BD gold label always works for a touch-up of the tails!
Answer from Land H
Awesome. Didn't realize the glue was under the skin parts. Thanks!
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Tom N (used product regularly)
I have used my pair of Race Pro 2.0 skins about 10 days now. So far I have been very happy with the glide. Comparing against my Race Pro 1.0 skins are hard given the new/old skin challenge you have with any brand of skins. I will say that these continue the Pomoca trend of being very fast in wet, glazing snow and slower in cold, aggressive new snow. In the cold temps, the Colltex still provide better glide in head to head comparisons. Overall, a great race skin that will be very fast when you have warmer snow temps.
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Question from Josh
Does the 155 length pomoca skin fit the 160cm Pierra Menta Race Carbon?
Answer from jbo
Hi Josh, the one we carry will fit no problem.
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Question from dan
I have a pair of Atomic Ultimate 65 skis and also have Atomic backland UL skins in 65 mm width for these skis. The skins work well for climbing, but I'm looking for a second pair of skins that I would use exclusively for long stretches of flat terrain that I will encounter in the Grand Traverse race. I'm looking for a skin with much less kick but much more glide for the flats.

Would you recommend this skin or the Colltex pdg and should I get full width underfoot (65mm) or should I go with something thinner like 60mm underfoot to get more glide?

Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, width is the key. Look to the 59mm Pomoca or the 60mm PDG for the best glide. You can get aggressive with the length cut as well if you want to squeeze even more glide out of 'em. The PDGs test better in cold snow while the Pomocas move faster as it warms.
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Question from Ben
Hi, I have a paire of Pierra Menta Race Carbon (spec : 65 mm: 160 cm)
Should I go with 59 mm or 62 mm? What should be the criteria ?

Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, either would fit the ski, it's a question of more grip (62) or more glide (59).
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Stano at SkinTrack (downright abused product)
I don't have the 2.0 version yet but the previous model (which looks almost identical) has been very good to me. Great glide and grip. The glue is not the best in cold dry Canadian powder but overall works well.
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Patrick (downright abused product)
The Pomoca race skins are on worldcup podiums time and again for good reason. Though my experience is with the pomoca 1.0s and they've since been upgraded, I expect nothing but improvement. In comparison to coltex PDG race skins and atomic ultimate race skins, these are the winner.

-Untouchable glide. Laughable really. Add some skin wax and you're on cloud 9.
-Traction, for how well they glide, is really impressive. They require good technique in challenging conditions, as any race skin does, but their low weight and great glide don't translate into reduced grip.
-Water repellent: more so than coltex and atomic, the treatment on the plush is good at holding off water when the conditions get rough. Not perfect, but good by comparison.
-Glue: The glue layer is thin thin thin but sticks like a boss and is fairly resistant to total failure in wet conditions.

-Durability is not great in icy conditions, tending to shed plush underfoot a bit faster than the coltex do.
-Native tip attachment: not my favorite. Very secure most of the time, almost too secure. I don't trust the black plastic tab and prefer to have a tip loop made of knotted cord, which will never fail.
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