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6' 1"


190 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type


Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


My Skiing

Skiing over someone else's tracks shows a lack of effort or creativity

My Gear

Hoji Pro Tour Boots match with Atomic Backland 107 (189cm) and also with Volkl BMT 94 (186cm), both with Salomon MTN bindings and Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide skins.
I also have a pair of Faction Agent 4.0 (191cm) with MTN bindings for "big days".

Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio boots match with Atomic Backland 85 (179cm) and MTN bindings, or with BD Cirque 84 (171cm) skis with Dynafit Superlite 150 bindings and Pomoca Race 2.0 skins

Fischer RCS classic and skate skis

Gear of past years
Boots: Scarpa Maestrale, BD Quadrant, BD Push, Scarpa T2, Scarpa T3
Skis: Voile Hyper Drifter, Blizzard Zero G 85, Volkl Nunataq, BD Carbon Convert, K2 Coomback, BD Justice, Karhu Storm, Karhu Jak BC, Tua Ghost, 10th Mtn Division Army Surplus

Recent Posts

You’re right Matthew, I’m pretty sure @JBO meant narrower, not wider. I’m a big fan of straight(er) cut skins too, though I don’t go that narrow anymore. 10-15mm narrower than the tail width is usually how I buy my skins. They get an hourglass cut only under the middle ~1/3 of the length and they’re straight the rest of the way
90-ish waisted skis with a light build and freeride personality? The Volkl BMT 94 was on it in 2014-2018. Ahead of its time? *FULL* rocker, very damp construction, and a sidecut radius in the mid-20's. But a slim 94mm waist and a sub 1500gm weight.
Used this jacket about a dozen times. It has a minimal design, without using flimsy/minimal materials. I have a similar weight puffy from Enlightened Equipment that is made from gossamer fabrics that will never stand up to abrasion like this Dynafit jacket will. No extra material is wasted on the back and waist, where your pack and belt will be. No hood means it layers well under a shell. Napolean style make sense when wearing a pack belt, and are easier to access when this jacket is layered under a shell.
Thanks jbo. I just re-read my review and realize the words are more negative than I feel. 4 Stars is the important thing. Race skins are awesome, and they're going to remain in my quiver. It's been a season of learning what their limits are.
comparison of my 3 sets of skins for BD Cirque 84

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