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Of course, the fastest skins in town are available on the roll. Get the new Super Glidey race formula from Pomoca in exactly the length you want. Then attach your favorite tip system, round the tails, and go race. Or train, tour, explore, whatever. The Race Pro 2.0 is the cheapest way to maximize the glide of your skimo racing skis. Available in 59mm, 62mm, 65mm, and 85mm widths.

ORDERING NOTE: These skins are sold by the centimeter (cm), meaning you should type in the Qty field the length (in cm) of skin you want for one ski “times two” for a PAIR. Unless you are making a backup skin, then just times it by one.

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Questions & Reviews

Emily (used product regularly)
Great performance! High glide, classic Pomoca glue--reliably sticky if kept mostly dry, and easy to rip off the skis. Made a long skinny pair of skins for my Madshus backcountry touring nordic skis. Works great for low angle climbing but glides beautifully for maximum efficiency!
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Question from dub_xion
Just want to check myself here: I've got some 90mm-waist skis (BMT 90s). With a 2.5mm edge on each side, that would get the skins down to 85mm, correct? Would love me some straight, glide-y skins for a great price! Any chance you could do a quick check on your BMT 90s in stock to confirm?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for your question, dub. I went and checked and seems the edges are slightly less than 2mm so there's also a smidge of base showing on either side of the skin. I think this may work for your intended use.
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Daniel M (used product regularly)
I do all of my training on these and they've held up great all season. Like any other skin, they stick less when they get cold and icy but even when they're "bad" they still stay on just fine. Also keep in mind I usually train on a tiny hill with 100' of vert, so I transition a LOT and the glue is all still fine.
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Ethan R (used product regularly)
Best skin that exists...period. Great grip, great glide, easy rip, and long lasting glue. It's not super durable, but that's not the point of a race skin. Works well in all temps and surfaces.
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Question from Ariane

I have OAC 147 cm skis (110 width), and I find the integrated skin is not enough to climb sometimes. Do you think I could cut out 2 pieces for each of my skis to put before and after the integrated skin ?

I saw you have wider skins in rolls also, what is the difference ? As it is not written 2.0 ?

Thank you!
Answer from eric
Ariane-We do have other race skins that do not have the 2.0 glide treatment in wider widths. Not sure exactly what you want to do with your skis. Write to us at help@skimo.co and we can dive in deeper on getting you the right skin.
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Question from josh
I am looking to replace skins on my xc skis - do these come with an adhesive backing or do I need to glue them on? if glue, please provide a recommendation - my first guess would be some sort of epoxy product. thanks.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Josh! These skins do have an adhesive backing that adheres to skis bases quite well. To keep them adhered to your xc ski, you may want to use a "hot glue" and lay it on top of the adhesive backing on the skin itself. Please let us know if you have any further questions!
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Question from Lee Boehmer
So I'm looking into buying a pair of snowfeet (basically snow skates or really tiny skis) for when I explore the backcountry come winter.. I've heard x-country skiers use skins to go up hill, would this product work on a much smaller ski and where don't find out more about the tip attachment and really attaching the skins in general...it would be nice if I could leave the skin on to go up and down as I explore. The whole idea of taking it on and off seems a bit much when potentially standing on 12 feet of powder... I look forward to some direction on this matter. Thank you.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Lee, thanks for reaching out, we love hearing about creative ways to explore the backcountry! While I haven't used snowfeet myself, it appears the strap style binding has no way to pivot like a cross country or alpine touring binding is able to. For touring bindings, you are able to lift up your heel while remaining attached at the toe, and this allows for a more natural walking gait. With these snowfeet, you would need to walk with your entire foot staying on the ground, and that "shuffling" gait could be uncomfortable. Skins work best when they stay in contact with the snow, so picking them up with each step would likely lose a lot of efficiency.

This specific product listing is for skin material on a roll, which you could combine with any skin tip/tail attachments you want to create a custom setup. You don't have to remove skins for the descent(depending on slope angle, snow quality, and skin material), but most folks choose to because it slows them down too much and you can wear out skins faster. If you do choose to remove skins, you can do it a couple different ways: Skis on or skis off. Skis staying on can keep you floating on top of the powder easier, but requires flexibility and skill to rip skins from the tip/tail(depending on attachment hardware) while the ski is still attached to your foot. Taking skis off is simpler to learn and more comfortable for many, and you could take one off at a time to still maintain some flotation.

If you do consider this option, please let us know how it goes so we can inform other curious customers!
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Colin D (used product regularly)
I bought a few meters of these skins to create new race skins for my PDG skis. The glue has been incredible and they rip much more easily than my dynafit precut skins. I ordered the 62mm and paired them with the Kohla race tips - which has been working great!
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Question from Josh
What does the “2.0” designation mean?
Answer from jbo
Hi Josh, it just means it's the second generation of the Race Pro formula. Pomoca is always experimenting with nap and glide treatment to give athletes an edge!
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Question from Dave Kolb
Will you materials work on cross country skis?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, there is no reason they wouldn't! We also have some CC specific kits here.
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Question from Scott L
I tried ordering 310 cm (155 cm per ski), but there's only 240 cm in stock. Are you planning on getting any more in the next couple days?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Scott! Not planning on getting more in the next couple of days, though there are definitely kits available with more than enough length. Find them here.
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Question from Kyle
Pomoca shows on their website that you can get the race pro 2.0 roll in 85, 100, and 120mm widths. Any possibility of getting the wider widths? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kyle, best we can do is the race roll found here, which is available in 100 and 120. We also have wider Colltex and Trab race material.
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Jeremy G (used product a few times)
I built a pair of skinny "kicker" and skins with this plush to use on long flat approaches. For this purpose they don't disappoint. I've only used them on 85 waist skis to date but plan on using them in wider skis too (we'll see how that goes.) Tons of glide and remarkable grip, as long as I keep the full base in contact with the snow and don't try to use my edges. I was surprised to find that I could climb straight up shallow slopes and not lose grip.

On a warm spring day I brought these for the approach but ended up using them more than intended when my primary skins wetted through and lost all adherence to my bases. They did a commendable job. I'd definitely use them again.
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