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Skimo Co





5' 9"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

My Skiing

I hike up our local ski hill after work 2-3 times/week, go to the top and run down with the dogs.

Usually ride one day on the lifts on weekends, and B.C. the other day.

Once the days are long enough start doing longer mountaineering type tours.

My Gear

I wear Scarpa Freedom SL boots, I have worn scarpa forever. I am looking for an ultra-light boot for the more bizarre longer touring days. In late spring I do some grouse hunting, and a really light pair of boots would be great.

I have a lot of different skis, but I quiver killer them so I move plum guides around between most of them, my rock skis have fritschi freerides on them.

Recent Posts

Yeah, I ordered some already. My Guides are 8 years old, and have been moved around between skis, so they've had some use. The only thing that I can determine is wrong are the pins. The newer guides have a burlier toe pin. These have just worn out, and now I have two toe pieces that are each missing a pin. It's too bad I can't replace the pin and keep these as spares for long overnight trips. Oh well.
I have an older pair on Plum Guides and one of the toe pins fell out, and another is loose. Is there any replacement part for just the pin?
You mention that the Wide Rails can be paired with the RACE 170 heels to save weight, but I am curious if they can be paired with the Oazo heels? I like the heel riser setup. Another question, I notice that the hole pattern is the same for the Guide, Oazo, and Race toe pieces. What is the difference between them? I do see that the Race is lighter, so, what have they given up?

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