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Wear out a fork? Lose a screw? Decide to add the oddly expensive crampon attachment? Whatever you're into, we will try to help. Find our growing list of parts for Plum bindings below:

Crampon Attachments - New (x2) - Machined receptors for Oazo and Race 150/170 toe pieces, including the required screws. This attachment system is only compatible with Plum ski crampons, and will not accept Dynafit-style ski crampons. Multiple colors available.

Crampon Attachments - Old (x2) - The metal crampon receptor brackets that slip under race 135/145/165/185 toe pieces and screw in. Comes with the necessary screws. This older version of the Plum crampon attachment system will accept Dynafit-style ski crampons, and not modern Plum ski crampons.

Universal Crampon Mount (x2) – Love your Plum ski crampons so much you want them on every ski regardless of whether it actually has a Plum binding or not? We don’t blame you. Thanks to the Universal Crampon Mount, it’s easy to make that a reality. The mounts include two wood screws and a spacer to enhance crampon teeth bite, and this whole kit can be mounted anywhere on the ski. Weighs 10g per side. Also included are crampon risers for use with telemark bindings.

Heel Risers (x2) - Plastic risers that mount onto the forks of Race 145/150/165/170/185 bindings. Mount by punching the pins and removing fork; rotate heels 180 degrees to use. 13g each and gives approximately 25mm of extra height.

Steel Forks (x2) - Replacement forks for Race 145, 150, 170, and 185 bindings, as well as the Oazo 8. Lots of options but not hard to replace.

Titanium Forks (x2) - Shed a few grams from a Plum Race 145-185 or replace notched forks on a Race 135.

Titanium Forks 99 (x2) - Replacement forks for the Race 99 binding.

Lock/Unlock Kit (x2) - The humped metal striker plates under the toe levers that enable ski & locked modes. Comes with thin springs to control the lever tension.

Old Race Toe Lever (x1) - A replacement toe lever for model years up to 2015, e.g. 145 & 165. Also works to upgrade pre-2011 toes using the lock / unlock kit to be ISMF compatible.

Race 150/170 Toe Lever (x1) - Replacement toe lever for Race toe pieces belonging to the 2016 vintage and later.

Race 120 Toe Lever (x1) - This is the thinner lever found on the svelte Race 120.

Guide/Yak Toe Lever (x1) - This is the replacement toe lever for Guide and Yak bindings. Comes with a toe lever, spring, and two pins.

Race Toe Lever Springs (x2) - Replacement springs for the toe levers if yours were damaged or scattered to the wind.

Race Toe Lever Pin - The pins that hold the toe lever in place, about which they pivot.

2mm Base Offsets (x2) - Move your Race 145 or 150 heel piece back or forward 2mm by re-mounting with this base pedestal.

3mm Base Offsets (x2) - Re-mount your fixed race heel 3mm fore or aft if you change boots by swapping pedestals.

4mm Base Offsets (x2) - 4mm is a little too close for another drill hole so use this offset pedestal instead.

Oazo Toe Lever - 2020/21 (x1) - Replacement toe ski/tour lock lever. Comes with springs and spring pin.

Oazo Toe Lever - Update for 2021/22 the hole in the lever is smaller to catch more poles. Comes with springs and spring pin.

Oazo High Heel Riser (x1) - Replacement high heel riser for all Oazo bindings.

Oazo Heel Pads (x2) - Removable rubber pads on plates that screw into Oazo heel pieces for additional support.

Pika Heel Pads (x2) - Removable rubber pads on plates that screw into Pika heel pieces for additional support.

Pika Heel Riser (x1) - Heel riser for the Pika (2017+). Comes with hardware required for installation.

Guide Heel Pads (x2) - Removable rubber pads on metal plates that screw onto the heel pieces for extra boot support.

Guide Heel Pins (x4) - Replacement heel pins for the Guide binding; Plum recommends replacing all 4 at the same time.

Guide Heel Roof (x1) - The metal top with climbing post that comes stock on most Guide heel pieces.

Guide Roof Screw (x1) - The mini Torx T9 screws that hold the roofs onto the heel pieces.

Summit Toe Plate (x2) - Base plates to create a wider mounting pattern for Guide toes. 48 grams each with the included machine screws to attach a toe. Also comes with a set of mounting screws.

Race Mounting Screw (x1) - Specialized screws from Plum that are the perfect size for their race bindings.

Race Adjustment Screw (x1) - Torx T25 fasteners that stop the Race 165 / 170 / 185 and Oazo heels from sliding back or forward.

Race Adjustment Nut (x1) - 5mm replacement nut for under adjustment plate. Will work for ATK as well.

Race / Oazo Crampon Attachment Screw (x1) - The tiny Torx screws that hold the crampon receptors onto the Race or Oazo toes.

Guide Mounting Screw (x1) - The countersunk Pozidriv wood screws used to mount Plum Guide bindings.

Guide Adjustment Screw (x1) - Replacement Torx T25 screws used for the Guide and Yak heel fore/aft adjustment systems.

Vertical Release Screw (x1) - Screw used to adjust the vertical release on the Guide, Yak, and WEPA bindings.

Torx T25 Tool - The fore/aft adjustment tool that ships with Guide and Race 165/170/185 bindings.

Fuse Cord for Leash (x2) - Fuse cord attachment to install on boot and attach leash to; alternative attachment for Plum leash.

Grease Spray - Some nice binding grease for moving parts like toe springs. Comes in a 15ml (1.5oz) spray bottle.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matt S
The name Fuse Cord, to me, implies that it is meant to break at a certain point, in an avalanche for example. Is this correct? Are the steel cables that come with Dynafit leashes meant to do the same?
Answer from jbo
Hi Matt, the Fuse Cord is rated to break at 65kg, which is higher than the Maruelli Safe Loops but nothing compared to the force of an avalanche. The steel cables from Dynafit are higher.
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Question from Aaron
Will the oazo 8 forks be stocked again?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, yes, for sure. Will try to get them soonish.
Answer this question:

Question from Ryan
Can you tell me the hole pattern for the Plum Summit Toe plates? Are they the same as the Dynafit speed radical toe hole pattern? Thank you.
Answer from Jeff
Ryan, The mounting holes of the plate are a lot wider pattern. Plum Summit 36 x 69 mm.
Answer this question:

Question from Tom
Hey guys, what's the weight of the Summit toe plates? Looking at them as a toe shim for the Plum Guides to improve the ramp angle - this is an easy solution but interested in weight vs. the slightly simpler B&D shims? Cheers, Tom.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Tom, the Summit toe plate with four machine screws weighs 48 grams per side.
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Question from Eric S
Seems like the Universal Crampon adapter is still out of stock, and perhaps no longer made (I don't see it on the Plum website) (?)

I'm curious if you think one could just use the regular adapters, and some tall but narrow screws, along with a plastic shim to fill the gap...? Thoughts appreciated!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Eric, indeed, no longer made. The regular adaptors are functionally similar, and you could probably together a solution as you're describing.

Note that the screw holes in the regular adaptors are skinnier than the those in the universal adaptor, made for machine screws instead of thicker mounting screws. I'd be a little concerned with the holding force of smaller diameter screws, and you may need to take the adaptor to a hardware store and try a few screws to see what feels best.
Answer this question:

Question from Alex
Hi Team, do you know if the Plum Guide 12 can be used with wider drill hole pattern base plates like those used on the summit (and which you are selling on here)? I believe this is what the Yak binding was back in the days. I really like the simplicity of the guide binding but would like to mount it on a wider was thinking a wider base plate would make sense, especially coupled with the heel pads for a really bomber set up. Thanks so much!
Answer from Jeff
Alex, Yes, the Guide toe piece will fit on the Summit toe plate. You are right, the Guide/Yak/Summit all share the same toe piece.
Answer from Alex L
Thanks Jeff, would I then need a plate to raise the heel piece also? Worried I might run into some strange ramp angles otherwise. I guess I would need the Yak heel base plates that you have listed above? Cheers!
Answer from Jeff
Alex, The Guide has quite a tall ramp angle. You would be making it better by shimming just the toes.
Answer from Alex L
Thanks Jeff - would the "Classic B&D Shims in 6.4mm" work for this also? Just wondering if they are a little lighter (although I won't be getting the advantage of the wider screw pattern). Do you know how thick/tall the Summit toe plates are in comparison? In other words, whats the best option for eliminating the ramp angle as much as possible? Thanks!!
Answer this question:

Question from Eric
Oh no! You are out of the universal crampon adapters, and I don’t see them on the Plum website either. Will you be able to get more?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Eric,

We do have some on order. Shoot us an email at and we can get you on a notification list for when those arrive!
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Question from Mikael S
Are the guide mounting and heel adjustment screws the same as for the Wepa?

Answer from Patrick C

The Wepa heel has the same baseplate style as the Plum Race 170, therefore would need the Race Mounting screws and Race Adjustment screws. Hope this helps!
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Question from Eric S
What is the mounting pattern -- that is, distance between the centers of the holes -- for the Univeral Crampon Mounts?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Eric,

The distance from hole center to hole center on the Plum Universal Crampon Mount is 26mm.
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Question from B-Luv
I have an older pair on Plum Guides and one of the toe pins fell out, and another is loose. Is there any replacement part for just the pin?
Answer from jbo
Hi B-Luv,

The pins are pressed in at the factory and cannot be replaced. Your best bet is a new toe piece.
Answer from B-Luv
Yeah, I ordered some already. My Guides are 8 years old, and have been moved around between skis, so they've had some use. The only thing that I can determine is wrong are the pins.

The newer guides have a burlier toe pin. These have just worn out, and now I have two toe pieces that are each missing a pin. It's too bad I can't replace the pin and keep these as spares for long overnight trips.

Oh well.
Answer this question:

Andy (used product regularly)
This review is for the 3 mm offset bases, but think would apply to the other offsets as well. 5+ stars for having something like this available! So nice to use these bases rather than an adjustment plate when my new boots were 3 mm shorter than the old ones. I like the clean and low weight of the direct mount.

They were a little tricky to install. After consulting friends and Skimo, this is what I ended up doing:

*Mount binding (with old base) on a piece of scrap wood
*Set up a jack screw system on both sides of the tower at the pins and the back of the U spring
*Alternate turning each screw each revolution or so to slowly lift off the tower
*Watch out for the internals falling out when it finally disengages
*Swap the spring system to the new base
*Push the tower down hard on the new base (I don't remember if I used pliers to squeeze the spring for initial engagement)

A word of caution: I'd recommend against buying a particular offset based on MFR stated BSL. In my case the new boots have a BSL that is 4 mm shorter than the old ones, but the actual offset I needed was 3 mm based on measurement with the new boot installed.
Reply from Andy
I forgot to write down an important but obvious couple of steps... removal / reinstallation of the pin
Reply from Jeremy M
Do you happen to know if the offset bases will work on the R120? Plum's site says they are only for the R150 but the heel piece is similar. Thanks!
Reply from Andy
Sorry, I don’t know about the 120s. If you can take them apart to measure, here are the dimensions of the 150 base for comparison:
Post diameter: 16 mm
Post height above base top surface: 21.9 mm
Spring hole diameter: 6 mm
Spring center from post top: 9.6 mm
Retainer pin groove width: ~3 mm
Groove center from top of post: ~3.6 mm
Reply from jbo
Hi Jeremy, the posts are definitely different on the 120s so looks like a no go.
Comment on this review:

Question from Jerimy A
Any chance a Plum Fork would work in the Dynafit LTR 1.0 binding?
Answer from Jeff
Jerimy, Sorry, not really close.
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Question from Dave K
Are there two generations of Guide heel baseplates for brakes? I swapped out my crappy old Guide brakes for the new "red button" brakes and had to file and dremel screw heads. Now the fore/aft adjustment is much less! Seems a new generation baseplate (if it exists) would have a wider centre channel to accommodate the wider screw head. The original Guide baseplate for brakes centre channel is 6 mm. Can you measure the current generation please and advise?
Answer from Patrick C

I just measured the adjustment channels on the current plate and they come in at 5.5mm wide. If you have any other questions you can always reach us at Hope this helps!
Answer this question:

Question from Eric S
Can you confirm that the Universal crampons mounts are for the NEW type Plum crampons?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, consider it confirmed! Although it's getting harder to call them new, the mounts are for the current Plum system.
Answer this question:

Question from Greg

I bought some Hagen skis with Plum 170 bindings from you guys last year. I realized the bindings do not have the crampon piece. Do I just need to order that accessory and then screw it on to the binding?

Answer from jbo
Hi Greg, that's right! Prior to this season, Plum sold the crampon adapter separately from the race bindings.
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Question from Misha Sidorsky
Hi -- what is the length of the t25 race adjustment screw? Found myself in a pickle and hoping I can find something locally or cut to fit. Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Misha, The race adjustment screws are 10mm long
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Question from Martin M
Do you sell replacement forks that offer a lower effective din? Does plum even make them? Any other brand forks that would fit?
Answer from jbo
Hi Martin, assuming you're talking about the forks for the Race 150/170, the Titanium forks above test lower in forward release (though not in lateral). Other brands/models are not interchangeable.
Answer this question:

Question from Robert W
I would like to get the Plum Guide heel base plates for brakes and I was wondering if you guys have an estimate for when they will be back in stock. Also I was wondering if the base plates that hold the brakes have the same 32/36x53 hole pattern as the Guides I have. My skis are Quiver Killed so I don't want to do any re-drilling!
Answer from Jeff
Sorry, none on order. Yes, they do have same hole pattern.
Answer this question:

Question from Joseph
What is the specification for the proper replacement screw for the metal ski tip for Volkl RTM 84? Would the Race Mounting screw or Guide Mounting screw fit?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joseph, I'm unsure of the parts for that ski, it is not one we carry. These are screws for mounting Plum bindings.
Answer this question:

Question from Todd M
Can you provide a picture of what the heel risers look like installed? I'm trying to understand how they integrate with the existing riser. Also, is the install of the risers easy? Are there instructions?
Answer from Nate
Hi Todd, the installation does not come with instructions, but is pretty straightforward and easy. It involves punching out the pin that retains the U spring, sliding the spring back, dropping in the riser, and then re-installing the retaining pin. I’ve included a picture of mine to help you get an idea of what they look like.
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