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Plum Binding Parts

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Wear out a fork? Lose a screw? Decide to add the oddly expensive crampon attachment? Whatever you're into, we will try to help. Find our growing list of parts for Plum bindings below:

Crampon Attachments - Old (x2) - The metal crampon receptor brackets that slip under race 135/145/165/185 toe pieces and screw in. Comes with the necessary screws.

Crampon Attachments - New (x2) - New machined receptors for race 150/170 toe pieces w/ required screws. Plum crampons can be added from the top, instead of slid in from the side like others.

Crampon Ski Mount x2 – Love your Plum ski crampons so much you want them on every ski regardless of whether it actually has a Plum binding or not? We don’t blame you. Thanks to the Universal Ski Mount, it’s easy to make that a reality. The mounts include two wood screws and can be installed anywhere on the ski. Works great with telemark binding and weighs 10g per side.

Heel Risers (x2) - Plastic risers that mount onto the forks of 145/150/165/170/185 race bindings. Mount by punching the pins and removing fork; rotate heels 180 degrees to use. 13g each and gives approximately 25mm of extra height.

Steel Forks (x2) - Replacement forks for Race 145-185 bindings or turn a 135 into a 145. Lots of options but not hard to replace.

Titanium Forks (x2) - Shed a few grams from a Plum Race 145-185 or replace notched forks on a Race 135.

Titanium Forks 99 (x2) - Replacement forks for the Race 99 binding.

Lock/Unlock Kit (x2) - The humped metal striker plates under the toe levers that enable ski & locked modes. Comes with thin springs to control the lever tension.

Old Race Toe Lever (x1) - A replacement toe lever for model year up to 2015. Also works to upgrade pre-2011 toes using the lock / unlock kit to be ISMF compatible.

New Race Toe Lever (x1) - Replacement toe lever for Race toe pieces belonging to the 2016 vintage and later.

Race Toe Lever Springs (x2) - Replacement springs for the toe levers if yours were damaged or scattered to the wind.

Race Toe Lever Pin - The pins that hold the toe lever in place, about which they pivot.

2mm Base Offsets (x2) - Move your heel piece back or forward 2mm by re-mounting with this base pedestal.

3mm Base Offsets (x2) - Re-mount your fixed race heel 3mm fore or aft if you change boots by swapping pedestals.

4mm Base Offsets (x2) - 4mm is a little too close for another drill hole so use this offset pedestal instead.

Guide Heel Pads (x2) - Removable rubber pads on metal plates that screw onto to the heel pieces for extra boot support.

Guide Heel Pins (x4) - Replacement heel pins for the Guide binding; Plum recommends replacing all 4 at the same time.

Guide Heel Roof (x1) - The metal top with climbing post that comes stock on most Guide heel pieces.

Guide S Heel Roof (x1) - The flat metal plates that cover Guide S heels, without a high riser position.

Guide Roof Screw (x1) - The mini Torx T9 screws that hold the roofs onto the heel pieces.

Yak Toe Plates (x2) - The baseplates that come with Yak toes and widen the mounting pattern. Also works with Guide binding.

Yak Heel Plates (x2) - Base plates included with Yak heels which offer the wide hole pattern.

Race Mounting Screw (x1) - Specialized screws from Plum that are the perfect size for their race bindings.

Race Adjustment Screw (x1) - Torx T25 fasteners that stop the Race 165, 170 & 185 from sliding back or forward.

Guide Mounting Screw (x1) - The countersunk Pozidriv wood screws used to mount Plum Guide bindings.

Guide Adjustment Screw (x1) - Replacement Torx T25 screws used for the Guide and Yak heel fore/aft adjustment systems.

Vertical Release Screw (x1) - Screw used to adjust the vertical release on the Guide, Yak, and WEPA bindings.

Torx T25 Tool - The fore/aft adjustment tool that ships with Guide and Race 165/170/185 bindings.

Grease Spray - Some nice binding grease for moving parts like toe springs. Comes in a 15ml (1.5oz) spray bottle.

Question from Joseph
What is the specification for the proper replacement screw for the metal ski tip for Volkl RTM 84? Would the Race Mounting screw or Guide Mounting screw fit?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joseph, I'm unsure of the parts for that ski, it is not one we carry. These are screws for mounting Plum bindings.
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Question from Todd M
Can you provide a picture of what the heel risers look like installed? I'm trying to understand how they integrate with the existing riser. Also, is the install of the risers easy? Are there instructions?
Answer from Nate
Hi Todd, the installation does not come with instructions, but is pretty straightforward and easy. It involves punching out the pin that retains the U spring, sliding the spring back, dropping in the riser, and then re-installing the retaining pin. I’ve included a picture of mine to help you get an idea of what they look like.
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Question from andrew
Just tried to move the crampon attachment clips (old style) from a pair of plum 145 toes to plum 170 toes. I got the clip to fit in place but the screws are too wide in diameter to screw into the toe piece holes. can you sell me just the screws for the "new" bulky looking crampon attachments so that i can make this work? not looking to buy the "new" crampon attachment, just want screws to make the old clips work.
Answer from jbo
Hi andrew, unfortunately those screws aren't available as a separate part. Sorry!
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Question from TZed
Does the 'Old Race Toe Lever' come with the lock plate? The pic that shows up appears that way.
Answer from jbo
Hi TZed, the toe levers are sold separately. I've created a new image to show this more clearly.
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Question from Samuel L
Will traditional style ski crampons (Dynafit, B&D, ATK, etc.) work with the new style plum race crampon attachment, or will only the plum crampons work?
Answer from jbo
Hi Sam, it looks like they should slide in but they just don't want to fit. The Plum ones are the way to go if you prefer not to file new toys.
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Question from Patrick
Are the older crampon mounts removable once installed? ie. can you unscrew and remove then reinstall as needed?
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, yes sir! You can unscrew and save a few grams for a race.
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Question from Mark
Are the titanium forks compatible with the Plum 150 binding? Assuming so, will switching to the titanium forks lower the release values?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, yes the titanium forks work with all the race bindings. They are a bit lighter in weight and forward RV.
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Question from Patrick Tomco
Hi, I'm looking to decrease the ramp angle on my Plum Guides. Am wondering if I purchase the yak toe plates, will the guide toe pieces fit? Also, I run binding freedom inserts on my skis, and am wondering if I purchase longer screws if I can use the same mounting pattern of the guides without having to re-drill for the wider template.

Thanks for the insight!
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, yes the Yak plate works under the Guide toes. Unfortunately you have to mount with the wider Yak pattern though.
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Question from Adam
Does the purchase of new guide heel pins come with the black expansion wedge? If not, do you have this part for purchase?
Answer from jbo
Hi Adam, yes the heel pins do come with the triangle blocks.
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Question from Adam
Developed some play in my Plum Yak heel pins. Both vertically and lateral play, and can rotate the pins as well. Compared to a new binding this is not the case. Binding has some use on the them. Is this due to wear and tear? If so, will replacing the pins fix this problem? Or would other maintenance to the binding help? While skiing I don't really feel the play in the pins at all. Thanks for the advice.
Answer from jbo
Hi Adam, the play is not awesome but not critical. You could try replacing the pins but if it's not bothering you, I wouldn't bother them.
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