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Tjaard B

Tjaard B




6' 5"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year

Recent Posts

Can you explain why you choose to use grease, not loctite on the threads of the screws for tension plates? Of course I can see not using overly string loctite, but blue should be fine for that size boots I’d think? And what about using grip paste* (aka carbon paste, mostly sold for biking, for clamping things like handlebars and seatposts, where the carbon ones can’t handle being tightened down too much)?
That is what I did for my daughter: bought the Backland UL in a size larger (25.5) meaning the shell is the same size as the normal Backland in what was then her boot size (24.5). She skied them for 2 years with a very thick liner(narrow foot), and now this season she moved to a mid thickness liner. If her feet grow more, she can go to the stock liner, or since the old version we have was not such a nice liner, probably use the Palau Prolite Tour liners we got from a while ago. To be clear, th...
I have a tall instep, and they are quite comfy over the instep. The Zero G Tour Pro(4 buckle) never were, despite extensive mods. The toe box is also much better shaped for me, with the big toe having length and room to the inside of its tip. The Zero G Tour had a more pointed toe box that crushed the front/medial side of the tip of my big toe.
The picture of the 22/23 black version shows the Velcro powerstrap. The purple one comes with that same strap, it’s just not on the picture.
The R16a toe plate: This plate works great, as far as the bindings are concerned. However, the holes for mounting it to the ski are so far out to the side, that on both skis I tried it on (Hannibal 96 and Wayback 106), they fell outside the metal binding area reinforcement plate. Given that neither of these are skinny skis, I suspect there won’t be many skis that this fits on in the intended way.

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