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Josh A

Josh A
Height:6' 2"
Weight:195 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year

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I flat abused these bindings. They are light. The two tower system is one of the better/lighter options in the market. Here’s the problem I had. I busted the toe on. Mental completely broke that connects to the toe. It was a cold day and it made for a long day back to the car skiing on one foot. Price you pay for fast and light. But I haven’t gone back to Dynafit bindings since. Huge plus for skimo to help me with the warranty process to get me back on the slopes.
Dynafit only makes fine products. And these boots are no exception. My only problem with these is I didn’t get the fit quite right. So I can’t fault Dynafit here. The boots are incredibly stiff. Stiffer then anything out there for how light they are. They also climb quite well. I have fitted them with real crampons. Flex on these is also incredible. The downside on these is I thought they were a bit cold in the liners. But a lot of that could have been the fit here. So a bit of a mixed review but I th...
Great boot. I love how stiff they are. Very comfortable as advertised. Buckles are very adjustable. I don’t think we talk about liners enough. These are really warm. The other feature I like is the cable at front. I’m a fan of boas but these have felt sturdier. Most importantly they ski great. Stiff. Overall light boots. Highly recommend these boots for anyone looking to free ride.
These are very, VERY good bindings. Backstory: Spent a good 30 mins with the owner about different bindings. And these were the ones we kept coming back to. By the end of the conversation Jason had me convinced. First these are so light. I love that the default setting on the teeth is to stay in the boot. My favorite feature is that they don’t tend to ice up like some binding do. The only down side I’ve seen on them is that the toe bail can time to time flip up. Just have to reach down and straighten ...
3.5 stars. My fourth pair of skis. I’ve used a Dynafit Cho, BD Helio 88 and 105 and Movement 100s. This might have been my least favorite ski of the bunch. A lot of this has to do with my preference as a skier. I started out in shorter 174 cm skis and jumped to 185 with these. The length of these was noticeable. It def did not ski short. A lot has to do with preference here, I like skis that maneuver well, can make better kick turns, lighter, etc. And I didn't find that with these. My other problem is I ...


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