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Winifred S

Winifred S




6' 2"


160 lbs

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Type II - Moderate

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And on the sixth tour, on a windy summit, a section of the skins stuck glue-to-glue and now there are glueless areas matched by double-glue areas. I shudder to imagine the damage from doing the typical glue-to-glue (I use a skin sock). Note: Salomon pre-cut uses hotmelt white/clear Skin glide and grip: excellent. GLUE: NOT recommended!
Simple. Strong. Does the job. Great case. Measured weight is 177g for the saw, 46g for the case without straps. I don’t find the handle particularly comfortable: too wide and not enough of a curve. Likely better if you have large hands. I’d consider a different saw with a more comfortable handle if I was buying one today.
model: Pure 8 year: 2020/21 Light, fully adjustable lateral AND vertical release, and comes with brakes. Great binding. Stepping in: Super easy to line up boot fittings to the binding toe pins and easy to engage. Tour mode: Good flat mode and easy to flip to the high riser using a pole. I mainly use flat mode unless the track is steep. The high riser is a functional height—most high risers are effectively too high when paired with size-23 boot. Could see using the mid riser (heel-rotation required) o...
Details: - year: 2020/21 - size: 153cm, measured 152cm - binding: Hagan Pure - boots: Hoji Pro Tour, 22.5 - me: 158cm, 135lbs + 15lb backpack First impressions. I think the combination of the width underfoot, the flex/stiffness profile, the tip shape and tail taper, and the swing weight make for an enjoyable ski. Touring: Faster on the up. And less tiring. My hip flexors appreciate the light setup. I was initially concerned that the recommended mounting point gave too much length to the ...
I was happy that the Salomon precut skins were the same Colltex mix skins I have been using for years. On my well-worn skins, the grip and glide are still excellent. The new skins seem to have a bit better glide and grip but how much is due to improvements or just being new, I do not know. My other skins have a "glue matrix weave" and are only lightly sticky. This hotmelt glue is very sticky and I don't see an issue with the skin adhering to the ski. It's not so sticky as to transfer to either the ski ...

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