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James B
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I use a pair of dynafit PDGs but ive added a hard tongue from the TLT6 to compliment them on the downhill. I add the tongue underneath the fabric half gaiter and between the liner and upper cuff and is removeable. This setup is fine, it skis super well down. It is skiable without the cuff, but i wouldnt be doing harder runs without the tongue. Havent use any other boots, and by all accounts, the PDG is a lesser ski boot than the alien series or even the EVO, so you may be able to get away with the other boo...
Spent a total of 11 days on these and have covered most conditions including knee deep backcountry powder, wind blown crust and icey frontside groomers. Simply, these things rip! The edge hold on these is frightening and they kick in hard, which is great when you want it, and super quick when you forget about it. At first I thought i'd need to detune the tips as they felt a little catchy, and it was a bit of getting used to but after skiing them a bit I just needed to work out how they skied to stop going...

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