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DPS Wailer 99 Tour1 Ski


It’s now okay to indulge. Many folks have been waiting for DPS to make a touring line to complement their awesome resort skis. Thank you DPS for obliging.

Slightly softer than the Pure3 line, the Wailer 99 Tour1s maintain a high degree of torsional stiffness and still ski like a dream. And now you don’t have to ride lifts or pay the price on the uphill. These are lightweight pow-shredders that do not disappoint on hard snow. With a nicely rockered tip, they soak up soft and variable conditions with aplomb.

Using balsa cores and a proprietary carbon laminates, the Tour1 skis perform incredibly well despite the amazing weight. The Wailer99 is a “Daily Driver” shape, which has great float, carve, and forgiveness. If you have no idea what conditions to expect, skiing these is a safe bet. If you do know what conditions to expect, skiing these is a safe bet. We expect a whole new class of DPS devotees.

  • 3D PaddleTech Geometry is a blend of rocker and variable sidecut that’s easy to ski.
  • Slight camber with 18m underfoot radius allows for arcing carves on ice or corn.
  • Gradually rockered and tapered tip makes turning in soft or variable snow simple.
  • Slightly rockered tail prevents hooking and allows for skidding or smearing.
  • Prepreg carbon & fiberglass laminates add stiffness throughout the ski.
  • Balsa wood core has great energy & rebound, while staying reasonably light.
  • World Cup bases are a special hardened PTex that can take abuse and tunes.
Lengths (cm) 168, 176, 184
convert to ounces
1205g [168]
1310g [176]
1400g [184]
Weight (pair) 2410g [168]
2620g [176]
2800g [184]
Sidecut   125-99-111
Turn Radius   16-19m
Skin Fix   Rounded tips & tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   3D PaddleTech
Shape   3D PaddleTech
Construction   Textured polyamide cap
Core   Balsa wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountain slaying
Notes Hardened bases & edges
Bottom Line Finally
Compare to other High-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Ben (used product regularly)
This is my first season on my 176 Wailer 99 Tour1s and I've really enjoyed them. I have spent several seasons on (non-hyper) 173 Voile V6 BCs. Being really familiar with the feel of the Voiles the Wailers did not click immediately, but after 2 or 3 days on them I love the feeling of them in powder. They seem to float considerably better, but feel a touch less playful when the snow isn't as deep. I got them out on some steeper VT chutes this week and they are definitely my favorite ski I've been on in this type of terrain. Light weight and easy turning so it was easy to mix in a hop turn when needed, and super easy to throw on my pack for a bit of booting.
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Question from Avi
Hello! I am looking for a 100% backcountry quiver of 1 ski. I am looking at the Wailer tour 1 and the voile hyper v6. Any differences between these two I should know about? Also I am 6', 170lbs, advanced resort skier. I like skis around 179 usually. If I went for the wailer should I go for the 184 or the 176? Thanks
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Avi,

The DPS Wailer 99 Tour1 and the Voile Hyper V6 are both an absolute blast to ski! If I were to compare the two, the Wailer 99 Tour1 is more of a powder specialist. It has a rockered profile with a short turn radius, and is oriented towards softer conditions.

The Voile V6 is also rockered and good fun in powder. However, it is geared towards a wider range of conditions, and could be considered more of a daily driver than the Wailer. If you would like to talk in more detail, reach out to us at
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Question from fkerrest
I am interested in your feedback on what length to buy
I am 5'8" and weigh 145 lbs
I am an expert skier but new to back country and touring
I ski Blizzard Bonafide 173" at the resort and K2 Mindbender 116 179" powder skis / heli
Should I get the 168" ski here?
Answer from TSB
Hey FK, if the Wailer 99 is going to be your "one ski to do it all" the 168cm will be a good length; if you're looking for a little more float and powder performance, the 176cm may be a solid choice. The Wailer profile means that the 176cm wouldn't feel sluggish or difficult to turn.
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Question from Michael S
Team Skimo,

Hope you all had a nice summer!!!

I was wondering if you could highlight some of similarities and differences between Movement Alp Tracks LT 100 and DPS Wailer 99 Tour1 Ski?

Thank you,

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Michael, the Alp Tracks LT 100 is a little stiffer, has less tail rocker, a slightly longer running edge, and is better in firm snow conditions. The Wailer 99 is definitely a tool for powder days if that's what you're going for most of the time!
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Question from Joseph F
Thoughts on this ski matched with Dynafit Superlight 2 binding and La Sportiva Syborg?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joseph, the bindings match really well. The boots would be OK in powder but likely at little under powered in other conditions.
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James B (used product regularly)
Spent a total of 11 days on these and have covered most conditions including knee deep backcountry powder, wind blown crust and icey frontside groomers. Simply, these things rip!

The edge hold on these is frightening and they kick in hard, which is great when you want it, and super quick when you forget about it. At first I thought i'd need to detune the tips as they felt a little catchy, and it was a bit of getting used to but after skiing them a bit I just needed to work out how they skied to stop going over the tips ........ all good now.

The uphill is bliss if you're coming from heavier stock. Be smart about your entire setup and you will get the rewards. I paired these with a pair of Plum 165 bindings and they are not too much ski for the binding. They turn sharply and maneuver where you want just fine.

More to come with a few more weekends of the southern season to go.
Reply from Jeff H
Speaking of being smart about your entire setup, I have been noticing some people using Alien type race boots with a ski like the dynafit Denali. Would something like that be possible with this ski, in your opinion, or is the ski too wide / stiff?
Reply from James B
I use a pair of dynafit PDGs but ive added a hard tongue from the TLT6 to compliment them on the downhill. I add the tongue underneath the fabric half gaiter and between the liner and upper cuff and is removeable. This setup is fine, it skis super well down. It is skiable without the cuff, but i wouldnt be doing harder runs without the tongue. Havent use any other boots, and by all accounts, the PDG is a lesser ski boot than the alien series or even the EVO, so you may be able to get away with the other boots more so than PDGs. But you'll want a stiffer boot to drive these and get the most out of them.
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Model: Wailer99 - Touring

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