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Taylor M

Taylor M




6' 1"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:


Recent Posts

Wow, these might be the best touring socks I’ve ever used! Been through all kinds, from the smartwool phd socks, to Le Bent Cody Townsend. These things just feel good and perform well. No blistering, hot spots, bunching up, or anything. And hard to beat Darn Tough’s lifetime warranty. I’m sold!
Picked this beanie up right after skimo got them in stock this fall. I’ve used it every day I’ve skied thus far and have enjoyed it. I’m one of those lightweight helmet on from car to car kinda folk, so having something to keep my ears toasty is key. I’ve been impressed by how well the beanie regulates heat. I’ve been a bit too warm on warm mornings but otherwise it’s a do-it-all kinda beanie. Big upgrade from the headband for me - headband always got folded or squished by the rear straps in my helmet. Digg...
Good to know Brian! I’ll pop in to skimo today to see about the blacklights. Glad to see you’re fond of the new boots though!
Hey Brian, why they Tlt X and not the Blacklight? I’ve put 150 or so days on F1 LT’s and they’ve been the best thing yet but it sounds like I have similar fit issues as you. F1 LT has been close but not quite right. I’m hopeful this or the blacklight is my solution. Why’d you go for this over the blacklight? More progressive flex? Otherwise seems like fit and forward lean should be the same
So far I’ve been impressed and happy with this jacket. I was specifically looking for a breathable layer that had enough weather resistance to put on at the car and take off after returning to the car on speedy missions. I’m also particularly warm blooded so I was looking for something that could stay on during high output tours. I would say this almost meets that criteria. It works well for us warm blooded folks on days where temps are below high 20s or low 30s, when it still feels too hot and sweaty for m...

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