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Here’s what happened: the recalled F1 Evo boots were melted down, fed to an improved boot making machine, and spit out into boxes. You can now have your boots back, which were the only ones that fit, we know! The improved F1 is virtually the same boot as the original, just without the misbehaving Tronic ski/walk mode mechanism. Instead SCARPA went with a tried and true F1 lever. They thankfully left the rest of the boot intact, which was working so well for those few months of the 14/15 ski season. The Women’s edition of the F1 has a cuff and last (forefoot width) tailored especially for XX chromosomes. She shares the carbon fiber frame in the lower shell with her brother, making her equally adept at transferring power to the ski. Also shared are the durable Vibram soles, snug BOA lacing system, and incredible light weight. Welcome the F1 back with open arms.

  • Enjoy alpine like power with Carbon Core frame embedded in the lower shell.
  • Get the perfect forefoot fit with the Boa® lacing system seen on Aliens everywhere.
  • Walk freely with a cuff that bends 37 degrees rearward and 25 degrees forward.
  • Keep the snow out with an Evo tongue that flexes with your ankle and transfers its energy.
  • Secure the cuff with a thick adjustable Velcro strap that closes with a Fast Buckle.
  • Casually stroll in comfortable Intuition® liners with special touring flex zones.
  • Rely on the Vibram® UFO EVO soles for long lasting grip on mixed terrain.
  • Adjust the forward lean to your style by selecting from multiple settings.
  • Step into tech bindings easily with Dynafit patented Quick Step toe fittings.

Update 2018/19: The iconic SCARPA F1 is still ahead of its time but in order to keep everyone happy with some shiny boots, a paint job was brought to the table along with some Recco hardware in the power strap.

Update 2020/21: SCARPA updated the still-popular Women's F1 with a flashy look for the next season. Additionally, a small plastic extension was added to the mold that prevents the tongue from getting caught underneath the lower shell when you put the boots on.

convert to ounces
1094g [25]
1184g [25.5]
Weight (pair) 2188g [25]
2368g [25.5]
Buckles   1 + BOA
Boot Sole Length   256mm [21.5/22]
264mm [22.5/23]
272mm [23.5/24]
280mm [24.5/25]
289mm [25.5/26]
297mm [26.5/27]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   62°
Forward Lean(s)   20°, 22°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon reinforced nylon shell, Pebax tongue
Liner   Intuition Pro Flex Evo Wmn
Sole   Vibram UFO Evo
Skimo Co Says
Usage Daily touring
Notes Classic ski/walk mode mechanism
Bottom Line Light, fast, functional
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Taylor
Hey, what is the difference in overall volume and last between the men’s and women’s F1? Is it noticeable to the point of not recommending the men’s f1 to a woman in her mondo size?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Taylor, the men's and women's F1 are pretty much the same in terms of fit in the lower. Mondo for mondo, it would be consistent across the two models. The differences are in the cuff, it's lower on the women's model and the liner is shaped to accommodate larger calves.
Answer from Taylor M
Thanks so much Gabriel, that’s good to know. You’re saying the men’s version accommodates larger calves?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Taylor, the women's version accommodates larger calves, not the men's.
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Question from Emilia
Hei, i have the Scarpa F1 shoe and i am getting new skis+bindings, and i am wondering if these shoes are compatible with FRITSCHI TECTON 13, SKITRAB TR1 or MARKER MWERKS 12. Or if you have a different recomendation for bindings which is good for use in the slopes also?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Emilia,

Yes, the Scarpa F1 will work with all of those bindings. My initial thought is that those are all pretty heavy bindings to pair with a relatively lightweight boot, but I don't know what kind of skiing you are doing! We think it makes more sense to match the binding to the skier and their needs, rather than their equipment. If you  fill out our binding finder or reach out via email (, we can tailer some recommendations to you!
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Question from Julia
Hello! I've been using my F1s for the past two seasons and love them. I'm looking to get a new ski setup and am having trouble figuring out if they are compatible with G3 ZED 12 bindings. Any chance you can let me know? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Julia, yes these work fine with the ZEDs!
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Question from Jane Yee
I have very narrow feet in addition to being small. The dalbello lupos ax 105 in 21.5 were too big in volume but good in length for me. How will these compare?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Jane. If possible, please fill out our online bootfitter and we would love to help you out! Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from dana
I have a Scarpa F1 women's 21.5 which i wear backcountry and alpine ... I need new liners...having mucho trouble finding an intuition liner that fits this small boot....suggestions....BTW ....I love this boot
Answer from Julieana
Hey Dana, in Scarpa boots the sizes 21.5 and 22.0 are exactly the same shell size, so a 22.0 Pro Flex Evo Women's liner, which you can find in the drop down menu on the Scarpa Liners page, will fit perfectly in your boot!
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Question from Olga
Are these boots compatible with Fritshi Vipec Evo 12 bindings? I have size 22.5.
(Sorry, I asked the same question under men's version of this boot, didn't realize that)
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Olga,

Yes, the Scarpa F1 is compatible with the Fritschi Vipec Evo 12 binding!
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Question from Shannon Fonger
Hi, I have a pair of 2016 Scarpa Gea RS boots in a size 24.5
I wear a size 9 running shoe, but it seems that I wear my boots on the smaller side. I have worn by current Gea RS boots about 70 days per year and they are blown out.
Looking to go with the F1s. Do you know how the fit/length is in comparison to the Gea RS? I have narrow heel, average arch and toe box.
I don't have access to try these on locally.
Thanks in advance.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Shannon, the general shell sizing will be the same between the Gea RS and the F1. However, the actual fit out of the box will probably feel narrower overall in the F1. In order for us to help ensure you get the right model and size for your foot, feel free to check out our Online Ski Boot Fitter and/or send us an email at
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Question from Tim
So I love my F1’s and am looking to grab a pair for my wife. What’s the real difference between The men’s and women’s version. She’s got a big foot at 26.5 (Women’s 10.5-11) so wondering which I should get. Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Tim, the men's and women's F1s fit pretty dramatically different from each other. The men's boot has a pretty standard fit with a relatively narrow heel but good space in the mid and forefoot. The women's boot on the other hand is much narrower all over, and the liner is quite thick as well, giving it a far narrower fit and feel than the men's.
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Susan (downright abused product)
In the words of Skimo, I have downright abused my pair of F1s. I'm currently still rocking the 2017 edition but plan on sticking with this model (or iterations thereof) when it comes time to replace them. I am one of those weird humans who wears a 21.5 ski boot: there aren't many other options out there for me. I had to fight off a 13 year-old when I went in to purchase my pair. It happens. Fit out of the box was 95% there: I did have to get the toe box punched out a little bit and my high-volume foot precludes me from using an insole. After a good number of days on these boots, I have very few (and minor) complaints.

The good:
All day comfort - they're basically like slippers. I've used mine to drive everything from Blizzard ZeroG 85's to Voile HyperDrifters. I do start to notice that they're a little on the soft side when in cruddier snow (especially as the air temp warms up in the spring), but the uphill performance is hard to beat. I spend most of my time going uphill anyways...

The bad:
I have come up with a few tricks to make it less miserable over the last few seasons, but getting in and out is kind of a pain with all of the layers and that blasted rivet on the tongue. The good news is that you only need to do it once a day and once you're in, you're good to go.
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Model: F1 Women's

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