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SAXX Kinetic HD Boxer Brief

No Longer Carry

We all like to move our bodies, but that doesn't mean we want every part of our body to move so freely. SAXX has solved the problem of overly mobile bits and pieces with their Ballpark Pouch. No home runs around here, everything stays in the park due to extra fabric built in to cradle both sides of your special buddy. The Kinetic HD boxer briefs offer not only this unique feature, but also a lightweight, breathable micro-mesh material that gives you goosebumps when you slip them on. The semi-compression fit will hug your legs and waist for a level of coziness that rivals hot tea on a cold day. "Swass" happens which is why these undies are also anti-odor. We are a group that comes in all shapes and sizes, so SAXX has come up with their Three-D Fit and Flat Out Seams to bring comfort to all. Unique, comfy, inventive the SAXX Kinetic HD boxer briefs might become your everyday under garments assuming you do laundry on a very regular basis.

  • Ballpark Pouch is a unique design to hold everything where it should be.
  • Moisture wicking micro-mesh material (gotta lover alliterations) keeps you as cool as Tom Cruise in "Cocktails."
  • Semi-compression fit is just the right amount of snug.
  • No fly design means you can avoid a gopher popping out of a hole situation.
  • Three-D Fit is a very inclusive design for many shapes and sizes.
  • Gotta get 'em all, you might want a fleet of these for daily rotation.
Waist Elastic
Fit Semi-compression
Materials   62% nylon, 20% elastane, 18% Polyester

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Model: Kinetic HD Boxer Brief

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