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2/9/2021 Bootfitting for the Backcountry

At Skimo Co, we’re keenly aware that fitting touring boots requires special considerations. Unlike resort-oriented boots designed solely for downhill performance, touring boots feature trickier constructions and must be comfortable for both the up and the down. Don’t believe us? Just ask anyone who has skinned more than a thousand vert with the wrong boots! Blisters, dead toenails, pain points, cut-off circulation, lack of control, hot spots, frostbite - the possibilities are endless. In the backcountry, there's not a lodge where you can kick off your boots, relax with a beer, and let your feet recover.

We guarantee you won't leave this room with a poorly fit boot.

The key to properly fitting an AT boot is getting a good shell fit right out of the box. This is especially critical because the plastics on touring boots are less accommodating to significant punching while other parts, such as carbon fiber, can’t be modified at all. Therefore, the fit needs to be as close as possible before any modifications. Also worth mentioning, super snug “race fits” won’t work for touring boots since walk mode demands adequate space in the toe box. Again, all-day comfort is the goal.

With all that in mind, you can see why we’re so intent on carrying a wide selection of boots. Currently, we have over 50 different boots available which means a significantly higher chance of finding the right boot. But don’t worry, after understanding a customer’s goals (race, touring, or freeride), the ski/binding combo they're pairing it with (lightweight, stiff, playful, freeride, etc), and their unique foot shape (width, arch, etc), we narrow down what initially seems like an overwhelming selection to just a few options.

Treading lightly with a Dynafit TLT7.

Finally, once we've found the right boot, we take a good fit and make it a great fit. This means molding liners and occasionally punching parts of the boot that are willing to comply - both of which are included in our bootfitting services when a boot is purchased from us. During any boot work, we keep in mind how a touring boot is designed to operate and the special materials used. That way, we don't accidentally damage or inhibit any functionality.

We’re so confident in our bootfitting that we’re willing to guarantee it. If for any reason the boot doesn’t work after being fit in our shop, we’ll either make adjustments, find a replacement boot, or give you a full refund so that you can find something elsewhere.

If you're local to Salt Lake City, schedule an in person appointment. For online folks, fill out our bootfitter form and we'll send over suggestions with your specific foot in mind!


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