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Ski Trab's knocked it out of the Olympic skating park with the Gara Aero Duo Skis. Okay, that was reaching for a chuckle, but these skis are no joke! As waxless training skis, the Duo skin technology allows for excellent grip in all temperature conditions and is equipped with a replaceable mohair skin insert on the ski base. This offers superb glide in all conditions on the track and even footing in the push phase of your stride. With a pre-mounted RMP plate, there's minimal adjusting you need to get started on your laps. We're happy to report that every Ski Trab Nordic ski comes with the beloved Aramid Core technology, a honeycomb shape that reduces weight dramatically and provides outstanding structural support where you need it most. The lower camber race profile allows for more support underfoot for the pushing phase of your glide, and the graphite racing base offers a smooth surface to finish your glide on. To keep the tips from chattering and the rear of your ski stable, there are carbon reinforcements in the ends. For a season training ski, or even just a pair to get out and enjoy the sun and snow, the Gara Aero Duo Skis will give you everything you need to drive as well as enjoy a day in and out of the track.

For all recommended Nordic lengths, we recommend you pick a ski that is 15-20cm longer than your height.

  • Aramid core creates structure without weight gain.
  • Liwood Air makes a ski pliable but not easily damaged.
  • Scarabeo Tech provides excellent edge hold and torsional rigidity.
  • The graphite racing base is standard but high-tech to finish a good stride.
  • Aggressive race sidecut 41/44, 5/44, 5mm along the profile.
  • Replaceable mohair insert has a good grip and glide.

Lengths (cm) 191, 198, 205
convert to ounces
510g (198cm)
Weight (pair) 1020g (198cm)
Camber Low Race Profile, Double Polling
Specs Verified No
Hardness Rating H1, H2
Construction   Liwood Air, Scarabeo Tech edges
Core   Aramid Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Training, everyday crosscountry
Notes Lightweight workhorse
Bottom Line Perfect training ski that's fit with all the bells and whistles
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