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Ski Trab Headlamp Accessories

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Need a backup battery? Replacement head strap? Find accessories for the Ski Trab headlamps here. Hopefully you have a europlug to charg 'em!

Aero Head Strap – The headband with Velcro onto which you can attach a lamp.

Helmet Support – The tripod that mounts to a helmet to support an Aero lamp.

7.4V Battery Packs – Two and four cell packs for use with the 400 and 1600 lumen lamps.

7.4V Battery Charger – Europlug A/C that plugs into the battery packs.

3.7V Batteries – Replacement batteries for the 450 lumen lamp.

3.7V Battery Charger – Europlug A/C or 12v car charger to juice up the batteries designed for the 450 lumen lamp.

Light Headstrap - Simple headstrap to fit helmet or head that works with sprint headlamp and all Gopro style tower mounts. Weighs 95g.

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