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Alpineaire Freeze Dried Snacks

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Freeze-dried means ultralight. If skiing until your legs fall off and then eating until you pass out sounds like an average Saturday to you, then we invite you to keep reading. Fueling to an appropriate level (approximately 200 calories per hour) is important for sustained efforts in the backcountry, why not fuel effectively and keep your taste-buds happy at the same time? The human conscience can only exist on gel packets for so long. Alpineaire easily surpassed the strict standards that mountain athletes place on their nutritive habits to create an effective fuel, but they took it one very important step further: it’s delicious. With three amazing flavors to choose from, these freeze-dried snacks will have a hard time wearing out their welcome in your arsenal of food. Alpineaire snacks are one of the lightest and tastiest ways to carry calories with you on a long day.

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