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Atomic Hybrid MultiFit Skins


The Atomic Hybrid skins are the bees knees. Using Contour’s magic hybrid glue formula, the skins stay stuck to your skis but are easy to peel off and pull apart from each other. The glue formula is actually two layers, one stronger glue that adheres to the backing, and another, more manageable layer on top. The plush is beautiful mohair for your gliding pleasure. The MultiFit kits can be adapted to skis up to 193cm in length. Included is a cutting tool and everything you need to get set up. Outfit your skis with the knees of bees with the Atomic MultiFit skins.

  • Skins are 133mm wide and reach up to 193cm in length (tips are not installed).
  • 100% mohair material for natural grip & glide with supple handling.
  • Solid square-bracket tips and metal clip tails will last you a long time.
  • The MultiFit kits come with a storage bag and an offset tool for easy trimming.

Questions & Reviews

Question from ken mcfadden
What do these skins weigh in a 110mm width?
Answer from TSB
Hi Ken, while we can't know precisely the weight because we stock the skin in a 130mm width, we would guesstimate that the 110mm skin would be approx. 350 grams. The total weight for two skins with all the relevant hardware and adhesive backing (which would be removed prior to skin use) is 812g.
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