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Height:6' 3"
Weight:185 lbs
Shoe Size:US 13.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
Learn more about me at:
My Skiing

Fan of all things light, tight, race-y, and Italian. I love skimo racing, climbing and descending glaciated peaks, long ski-traverse slogs and linkups, consolidated snow, and bushwhacking. East Coaster for life, yearly/spring-ly Rockies/PNW visitor. Frequent user/abuser of 65-90mm skis, race skins, long poles, 1kg boots, small-volume packs, and copious skin wax.

My Gear

Constantly tinkering with setups and options! Here are a few favorites...

For racing, traversing, and speed missions: Ski Trab Gara Aero or Movement Race Pro 71, Plum Race 120, and Scarpa Alien 1.1 boots.

For going up and down peaks: Ski Trab Maestro and/or Maestro.2 with Kreuzspitze SCTT bindings, Scarpa Alien RS boots. Ski Trab Mohair or Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide skins.

For putting down wiggles in the powder: Movement Alp Tracks 89, Dynafit TLT7, Plum Race 150, Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins.

For breaking trail in the Wasatch in January: Voile Hyper V8, Plum Race 170 with high riser option, Scarpa F1 boots, Pomoca Climb Pro Mohair skins.

Non-hardgoods equipment ...

Packs: CAMP Ski Raptor (daily driver), CAMP Rapid Racing/Skin Pack (racing), Black Diamond Cirque 35 (overnights and mountaineering routes).
Poles: A2-16 Batons d'Alain or Ski Trab Maestro (touring), Fischer Alp Attack carbon (racing).
Helmet: Movement 3tech Alpi (winter), Black Diamond Vapor (spring).

Recent Posts

Hey Bordo, sorry the Backland Ultimates aren't quite working out for you! They are definitely more of a "total race" option (to borrow a phrase from the bike world) than the "race plus" category that we see surging these days. Did you have a good fit across the last for skiing input, but just not enough of a heel pocket for skinning? Or was there a bigger fit issue? Either way, feel free to fill out our Boot Fitter and we can get some additional info on the case. A ski like the Gara Power Cup or the Race P...
Hey John, we weighed the Power LT and found that it weighs 170g per foot!
Hey Bordo, I wanted to throw in my two cents to add to what Jedi-master Brett said above. Having skied all 3 options you mention, I would say that if you are stoked on the Backland Ultimate boot or another race boot, I would definitely go with the Race Pro 85 over the Magico.2 or the Backland UL 85. The Race Pro 85 is very snappy, doesn't need a lot of input to turn, and can be skied in the backseat -- all of which are positive attributes for ripping around with very light boots with no progressive flex. I ...
Siri -- for sure, if you want to ski like an Olympic downhiller, a longer ski is advantageous! But we tend to prefer shorter skis for almost all mountaineering applications, given that you'll be skiing downhill more conservatively and maneuvering the ski into shorter-radius turns, not to mention jump-turns and the necessary, if embarrassing downhill kick-turn. Most of the staff at SkimoCo will choose a mountaineering ski between 10-15cm shorter than their height to keep the speed on ascents and maneuverabil...
Hey Siri, the X-Alp is a great ski for variable conditions and difficult snow! Softer-flexing than many mountaineering skis, the X-Alp isn't too demanding in the chop but can still lay down a carve when you want it to. I would recommend the 158cm for you to keep the ski nimble in the kick-turns and easy to put on/take off your pack!

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