Height:6' 3"
Weight:195 lbs
Shoe Size:US 13.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
My Skiing

Came from a nordic background in HS and started telemark skiing, mostly inbounds and then migrating into the side/backcountry. Picked up randonnee gear and techniques after one too many times getting trounced up the skin track by friends, and found myself really digging the world of skinny skis, spandex and rapid transitions. While I'm at best an occasional racer, I love getting out for long tours, glade explorations, backcountry objectives, and just the simple skin up the local hill.

My Gear

DPS Wailer 106 Tour1 178, Plum Guide (soft snow of all kinds)
LS Vapor Svelte 178, ATK Trofeo (powder lapping)
Movement Session X 169, Plum 170 heel/Dynafit Speed toe ("don't know til you go" ski)
Movement Alp tracks 84 177, Plum 170 (firm-snow quiver of one, my favorite ski)
Movement Big Fish X 174, Plum heel/Dynafit toe (hard snow, spring skiing)
Hagan Ultra 76 170cm w/ mixed Plum and Dynafit binding (classic touring, low-tide and spring conditions)

Boots: LS Spitfire 2.0, Dynafit TLT7P, Scarpa Alien RS

Recent Posts

Hey Joshua, apologies for the 1.75-year-late answer! (In the future, don't hesitate to click "Ask a Question" instead of writing a review with a question, which may slip past us unnoticed!) I would go for the same size Stratos Hi-Cube as any other Sportiva boot that works well for you. The BSL will be shorter on carbon boots since material has been trimmed at both ends and you'll be using a thinner liner, but that doesn't necessarily mean the boot itself is smaller.
Hi Flo, you'd likely be the same size in the Hi-Cube as the Race 400, potentially pushing a half size bigger in the Sportiva than the Gignoux. The Stratos is a narrower boot than anything produced by Monsieur Pierre.
Hey Nick, thanks for reaching out! The Hyper V8 is definitely designed for a slightly beefier boot than the Alien RS, but if you're mostly aiming to spoon low-angle powder turns, it's not a totally outlandish combination. The Alien RS is impressively stiff in the lateral direction so you'll be more than capable of getting onto your edges and turning the ski from a balanced stance -- more hip wiggle and less knee drive, if you will. You may want to mount a little forward of boot center to compensate for the ...
Hey Erin, thanks for reaching out! We agree that race bindings are perfect for your phat powder setup, due to simplicity and light weight. The Kreuzspitze SCTTT-Lady does test out quite low in its fixed Release Values compared with other race bindings, but we're still seeing readings in the 4-5 range for lateral RV. Tech-binding RV is different from DIN, of course, so feel free to fill out our Binding Finder if you want to get a sense of where you chart out for our RV calculation!
Hey Brad, you could definitely try a rubber tip, though it may drag on the snow a bit due to lack of rocker in the Nunataq tip. You could also consider trying the Z-hooks utilized on Fischer-branded skins.

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