Height:6' 3"
Weight:185 lbs
Shoe Size:US 13.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

Came from a nordic background in HS and started telemark skiing, mostly inbounds and then migrating into the side/backcountry. Picked up randonnee gear and techniques after one too many times getting trounced up the skin track by friends, and found myself really digging the world of skinny skis, spandex and rapid transitions. While I'm at best an occasional racer, I love getting out for long tours, glade explorations, backcountry objectives, and just the simple skin up the local hill.

My Gear

Dynafit Cho Oyu 182, Speed Superlight (skiing all over, mixed conditions)
Voile Objective BC 171, Speed Radical (East Coast mixed chop, long approaches)
Hagan Cirrus w/ mixed Plum and Dynafit binding (spring tours, corn)
Hagan Ascent w/ Hagan ZR (hacking my way through races, training for said races)

Boots: LS Spitfires v2.0, Scarpa Aliens v0.0

Recent Posts

Thanks JBo, I will definitely get those from you at some point and solicit some tips on how to replace them. Turns out I'm not as tech savvy as the good fellows at SkimoCo :-) Also...I wanted to come back and add a fitting note to my review now that I've spent a bit more time skiing and trying on different race-weight/near-race-weight boots, and started splitting my tour time between the Spitfire 2.0s (sz. 31.0) and Scarpa Alien 0.0s (sz. 30.0). If I were to buy the Spitfire again with similar fitting inte...
Ha! Thanks Trace...awesome. Gonna go with the 140cm length for these and see how they feel. I took a look at some Euro-TV clips of World Cup races and there's no obvious consensus on the racer's pole-length choices. Some of the sprint/vertical racers seem to go for crazy-long (almost chin height, which would be 165-70 for me) whereas it looks like the Italian team that destroyed everyone last year (Lenzi-Eydalin I think?) were going for below-the-shoulder (=135-40 for me). There's definitely something of a ...
What does the SkimoCo crew think about pole sizing for rando racing and touring? I'm 6'3" aka 190cm or so, have traditionally raced with 160cm nordic poles and toured with 145cm fully expanded BD poles. It doesn't look like Trab et al. even make race poles longer than 150cm, and based on what I've read it sounds like I should probably size down to 140-145cm for steeper race courses.... thoughts?
This piece was my intro to Dynafit sizing, which with my body type (6'3", 180#, long arms/legs but short torso) has turned out to be pretty much the ideal source for all the rando apparel needs. (I do have to size up from M/L to L/XL, especially with race-oriented stuff, but less so with typical stuff like this hoody -- fits great in size L.) I've used this piece for just about every weather condition while touring and out in the backcountry. It works great as a midlayer under a windshell while out on more...
Last fall I was looking around for a superlight racing and touring boot that would fit my extra-sized feet (US 13/EU 47). JBo recommended these as an option to get as close to a true "race" boot as possible, and they haven't disappointed. I skied them around 45 days/100k vert last year, split about evenly between groomers and side/backcountry, and found very little to complain about. The ski/walk mechanism is extremely intuitive and easy to operate -- plus the "pop" that it makes when it snaps into place is...

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