Height:6' 3"
Weight:190 lbs
Shoe Size:US 13.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
My Skiing

Came from a nordic background in HS and started telemark skiing, mostly inbounds and then migrating into the side/backcountry. Picked up randonnee gear and techniques after one too many times getting trounced up the skin track by friends, and found myself really digging the world of skinny skis, spandex and rapid transitions. While I'm at best an occasional racer, I love getting out for long tours, glade explorations, backcountry objectives, and just the simple skin up the local hill.

My Gear

DPS Wailer 106 Tour1 178, Plum Guide (soft snow of all kinds)
LS Vapor Svelte 178, ATK Trofeo (powder lapping)
Movement Session X 169, Plum 170 heel/Dynafit Speed toe ("don't know til you go" ski)
Movement Alp tracks 84 177, Plum 170 (firm-snow quiver of one, my favorite ski)
Movement Big Fish X 174, Plum heel/Dynafit toe (hard snow, spring skiing)
Hagan Ultra 76 170cm w/ mixed Plum and Dynafit binding (classic touring, low-tide and spring conditions)

Boots: LS Spitfire 2.0, Dynafit TLT7P, Scarpa Alien RS

Recent Posts

My obsession with Crazy Idea products began with the Century pants (two pairs, hundreds of days of wear) and so I picked up the Nitro as an extra midlayer, mostly for deep winter touring. As with the meticulous, ski touring-specific design of the Century pants, the Nitro is tailored to the sort of movement you make during high output tours, with significant slimming toward the waist (doesn't move around under a pack hipbelt) and more space in the shoulders/sleeves for high pole plants. The breathability is ...
Pretty much the ideal skin for any sort of skiing in wettish, gloppy conditions where other skins might wet out. I have been using a pair the past few months on Movement Alptracks 84 and Session 89 skis for all sorts of low snow and thaw conditions and have yet to fully wet out the S-Glides the way a typical skin would after several hours of above-freezing, isothermic trail-breaking. That said -- not sure if the S-Glides actually have a better "glide" than Pomoca Climb skins ( the yellow ones) , and they de...
Pretty swell piece of insulation for just about any backcountry pursuit you can think of. The jacket is so light and packs down so small (about the size of a 1L bottle) that I never hesitate to stuff it in a race pack for a day out doing laps or touring, even if it's spring and the forecast doesn't call for much in the way of backup clothing. I've even taken it to putting it in my running vest/pack for longer runs and hikes in case I stop for an extended period. Along with an e-bivy, headlamp and chemical h...
Sounds like next year's model of this ski (with a slightly tweaked layup) will be offered in 172 and 179... And (total personal opinion here) I'm 6'3" and prefer something closer to 170cm for most touring, especially if you're on friendly terms with your race skis otherwise. I just got a pair of the current-model Backlands in 169cm and they have a bit more effective edge/running length than the Voile Objective in 171 (~1cm) and almost the exact same amount as Movement SessionX in 169 (which does super well ...
Awesome, thanks Trace! Would the SCTT heel pair OK with the Guide toe in terms of ramp angle or would you advocate getting a complete Kreuzspitze set? And, are you planning to get any more SCTT non-titanium heels in stock?

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