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Height:6' 3"
Weight:185 lbs
Shoe Size:US 13.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
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My Skiing

Fan of all things light, tight, race-y, and Italian. I love skimo racing, climbing and descending glaciated peaks, long ski-traverse slogs and linkups, consolidated snow, and bushwhacking. East Coaster for life, yearly/spring-ly Rockies/PNW visitor. Frequent user/abuser of 65-90mm skis, race skins, long poles, 1kg boots, small-volume packs, and copious skin wax.

My Gear

Constantly tinkering with setups and options! Here are a few favorites...

For racing, traversing, and speed missions: Ski Trab Gara Aero or Movement Race Pro 71, Plum Race 120, and Scarpa Alien 1.1 boots.

For going up and down peaks: Ski Trab Maestro and/or Maestro.2 with Kreuzspitze SCTT bindings, Scarpa Alien RS boots. Ski Trab Mohair or Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide skins.

For putting down wiggles in the powder: Movement Alp Tracks 89, Dynafit TLT7, Plum Race 150, Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins.

For breaking trail in the Wasatch in January: Voile Hyper V8, Plum Race 170 with high riser option, Scarpa F1 boots, Pomoca Climb Pro Mohair skins.

Non-hardgoods equipment ...

Packs: CAMP Ski Raptor (daily driver), CAMP Rapid Racing/Skin Pack (racing), Black Diamond Cirque 35 (overnights and mountaineering routes).
Poles: A2-16 Batons d'Alain or Ski Trab Maestro (touring), Fischer Alp Attack carbon (racing).
Helmet: Movement 3tech Alpi (winter), Black Diamond Vapor (spring).

Recent Posts

May I beseech a knight of the order SkimoCo to try on the Plus Evo and see how the fit compares to the Plus? Same sizing or even slimmer fit?
Quick note on fit/fitting on the F1 LT from a diehard Alien RS-wearer. While the lower shell/scaffo of the F1 LT is not "materially different" from the scaffo mold of the Alien RS (cf. Borro, 2020), there seem to be distinct differences in the overall fit of the F1 LT that, I think, will make it an attractive option to skiers for whom the Alien RS was just a fraction too narrow in the mid-/fore-foot. One, the Boa configuration on the LT sits higher and farther back on the instep than the RS boa did, and the...
As the ski-touring market has grown in North America, we've started to see an amazing amount of quiver segmentation among subtly-different skis that, ten years ago, we might have simply called "touring skis." More and more skis with extremely specific haute-montagne intentions are finding their way from the Alps to these shores, and -- praise be to the importation efforts of Skimo Co! -- the detail-discriminating ski tourer gets to reap the benefits. Within the Movement line, I've been thrashing about on th...
While Black Diamond may be much better known for their Wasatch-romping, wide-bodied powder skis, it would be a mistake to write off this climbing-world giant when it comes to skinny mountaineering skis. With the new Cirque ski line for 2020, BD has finally proved that all their years of interrogating steep-skiing luminaries such as Andrew Maclean for their ski-testing feedback didn't go to waste and that their designers have what it takes to compete with the Euro brands in the low-/mid-fat categories. Testi...
Alas Jbo, how I miss wallowing my way up Butler Fork with you! I'm sacrificing several broken Kaestle skis to the ceremonial pyre in hopes that me and my Hyper V8 water skis can make it to the Wasatch later this winter :-)

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