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There is still plenty of room left for innovation in climbing skins. Just a little less room, however, after the advent of Atomic’s Rocker skins. Since most of the grip when skinning comes from underneath and behind your feet, looking for weight savings and increased glide in the front makes a ton of sense. Turns out Atomic has some sense, since they added a Glide Zone near the tip, which is coated in slick ski-base material. The result is better glide and tracking through powder and less hair, water, and corresponding weight where it’s not needed.

  • Glide Zone in the front features ptex-like material to decrease resistance.
  • Grip Zone covering the rest of the ski is 100% mohair for natural grip & glide.
  • Overall weight is reduced approximately 10%, making every step a little better.
  • Tips are solid square brackets and the tails have simple adjustable metal clips.
  • Kits come with a long strip of mesh skin saver for long term storage.
  • The All-Mountain MultiFit skins are 130mm trim-to-fit, 193cm in length.
  • The Powder MultiFit skins are also 193cm but a little wider at 135mm.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Bill
I purchased a pair of these from skimo a few months ago. One of the small, white plastic tail clips recently came off and is lost. Can I get another from you? Or where can I find one of these?
Answer from Bill S
Actually, I found the clips on your website ($9.95 for two clips) and have ordered them.
Answer from jbo
Hi Bill, glad you found the clips. Let us know if you keep having trouble.
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Question from Anthony
Can these be trimmed to fit a 184?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, the tail clips don't come attached so they will fit just about any length ski.
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Question from Dave
Could I bother you to weight one or both of these skins? I haven't been able to find the number anywhere on the web. I just finished a new snowboard 187 by 27.5 wide, all carbon, paulownia with a touch of maple on the rails weighing 3600 grams, just under 8 lbs and I'm looking for a skin to cut weight. (These weights probably seem huge to you, praying for wasatch to redeem this year)I know the BD split skins might be the lightest a 1lb 10oz uncut, but am willing to re sew the tip on these if they are lighter. Thanks in advance, Dave
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, we haven't yet published skin weights due to the difficulty of establishing comparable numbers. They ship with significantly different glue-protectors (which are messy to remove and re-apply). They have varying amounts of material that can be trimmed (thus comparing pre-cut to trim-to-fit is apples to oranges). Some like these Atomics don't have the included tail clips attached out of the box, and are meant to be shortened significantly in some cases.

That said, these weigh 714g (25oz) for a pair with the medium-weight backing and without tail clips (which may be approximately a wash?) in the 130mm width (193cm long). To put that number into almost-as-useful perspective, 714 is the number of home runs Babe Ruth hit in his career.

P.S...The new board sounds impressive, maybe i'll see it around the wasatch? Need a skimo sticker for it?
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Model: Rocker MultiFit

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