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We are happy to offer specialized backcountry ski tunes. We have calibrated our machines and ski techs to work with thin bases and edges to maximize the lifespan of your lightweight backcountry skis. See below for details.

Full Tune - The full Monty of p-tex fills, high-end stone grind, edge bevelling, and infrared wax that matches the current conditions in the wild Wasatch. Extensive rock damage that requires base welding may be extra.

New Ski Prep - Ensure bases are flat and textured, edges are properly beveled, and you are waxed and ready to ski.

Infrared Wax - We gently coax wax deep into your bases with infrared lights that aren't too hot to melt your thin backcountry ski bases.

Edge Bevel - Sharpen your sticks to ensure you stick to the mountainside. We can make your skis looser or instead create high-angle edges for those super steep adventures.

Edge & Wax - A quick fix for your touring skis, combining our edge sharpening and infrared wax.

Base Weld - Filling a core shot per inch.

Stone Grind - Pass over the stone only.

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bruno wick (used product a few times)
I have come to Skimo now for a full tune up and a stone grind of skis and they have done a fantastic job. the wax job as excellent and they are always as quick as they are skiing (read fast... and maybe next day if its not busy) Definitely the only shop I will go to for tunes.
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