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bruno wick

bruno wick




6' 1"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

My Skiing


My Gear

Dynastar 99
4frnt hoji
Dynastar Vertical 88
titan gara
Scarpa f1 xt
tecnica tour pro

Recent Posts

I have come to Skimo now for a full tune up and a stone grind of skis and they have done a fantastic job. the wax job as excellent and they are always as quick as they are skiing (read fast... and maybe next day if its not busy) Definitely the only shop I will go to for tunes.
These have become my go to skin, I have multiple pairs and now that I look at my skin collection, only my race skins are not these contours. As stated before almost no break in period, and they are really durable. all through early and late seasons they just keep trucking. they don't pack as well as say Pomoca pinks, but they are by no means to large. Overall, these are like a diesel truck that all the sudden drives super fast.
Aaron, So far, dynastar Vertical 88s, tour 99s, and 4frnt Hojis.
I made the upgrade from the venerable Pro tour to the new model and have found them to be an overall upgrade. They walk much better than the older model. I had the LV in the older and was able to use the MV or regular thickness in the new ones and they have the same if not better walkability than the old model. Additionally, the "grippys" on the bottom of the liner are a nice addition, ensuring a secure fit in the boot. My only gripe is the lacing system, I wish they would find a way to have the loop at th...
Hi Tony, I put some of these bad boys into my f1xts. I have found them really enjoyable and improved the fit for me. I echo Carlos in that I do downside them (27 liner in 28 boots) It does take some walkability away, but I now have 5 tours in them (about 25 hours in them) and they are getting better every tour. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign. On the down I feel that they have made them ski in a class above. That may be because the boots are that good but I have to give some credit to the liner. Ov...

Trip Reports

Mount Timpanogos - Cold Fusion

Awesome line of skiing, turns from the top are good and long! The Crux was definitely the exit though, skiing down to Mutual Dell via Bear canyon is about as much of a life altering experience as could be. Long story short, leave your long skis at home for skiing down to the car.

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