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Perhaps you are one of the brave souls who undertook the noble calling of parenthood. Or maybe you just have a friend or sibling who has a litter of their own. Either way, it's a widely known fact that every time you look away from a child between the ages of 6-12, they grow an inch. That's why we invented babysitters, so that kids would stop doing that pesky thing we call growing. Well, kids grow out of everything, including their ski poles. Black Diamond saw that problem, and they have a solution for you! The First Strike ski pole is a four season, fully adjustable ski pole, just little-person sized! Kids can be hard on their stuff, so BD didn't make this pole weaker, softer, or less durable than their adult ski poles. They just shrunk it, because despite their best efforts, bless their little souls, small kids just can't manage full size ski poles. Adjustable straps, small and large swap-able baskets, and BD's beloved FlickLock adjustment mechanism all combine to make this pole the burliest ski pole available for your little gremlins to abuse. All jokes aside, we know you love your kids, and this pole is a fantastic ski pole for you to start the young'uns out with, no matter how short they are (for now).

  • Rubber grip is durable and is sized appropriately for small hands.
  • Adjustable nylon strap makes it easy to swap the poles between kids.
  • Summer trekking baskets and winter Freeride Baskets make this pole an awesome 4-season hiking/skiing/camping trip lightsaber for the kiddos.
  • Comes in one color scheme, black/vibrant orange, which makes it easy to find in the grass when it (inevitably) gets dropped in favor of chasing after the dog.
Lengths (cm) Adjustable 66-110
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 372g
Sections 2
Grip Rubber and nylon wrist strap
Basket & Tip Free ride baskets and steel safety tip
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum upper and lowers
Skimo Co Says
Usage Year-round skiing and trekking
Notes Comes with trekking basket so kids can use in the summer too
Bottom Line BD quality poles for kids
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