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Whether you like some powder or lots of powder, Black Diamond makes the right size basket for you. If you cut off your straps and later regret it, maybe you can find replacements here. Various BD ski pole widgets are listed below.

Compact Powder Baskets – Cutouts help prevent the basket from pushing the tip out of the snow. 16g.

Freeride Baskets – Slightly slimmer for going faster, the 75mm baskets are sold in pairs. 12g each.

Helio Baskets - Lightweight baskets with hooked points to help articulate buckles and climbing blocks. Note these only work with Helio poles. 16g each.

Indexed 3/4 Baskets - Big 3/4 powder basket with a notch to keep them from spinning around the tip. 14g.

Powder Baskets – Two 100mm wide baskets that come in gray or black. 18 grams each.

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Questions & Reviews

David S (used product regularly)
Durable and light. Likely go with their 3/4 basket next time for steep skinning. I use a piece of duct tape under the basket for added strength to make sure baskets don't get ripped off.
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Question from rick c
Lost a basket to one of my Helio Poles (basket hole diameter ~16mm), and see that you're either or out of stock or no longer carry, or anywhere else for that matter. Am I stuck with a FrankenFix?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Rick, We had some on our Fall order, but didn't receive them. Supply issue or ?
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Question from Terry D
I have Kerma “Mamba” carbon fiber ski poles. I lost a basket from one of the poles. The basket attaches to the ferrule with a key and key way system, followed by a twist of the basket to lock the basket in place. The ski pole measures 9mm+ diameter at the top of the ferrule. The fat part of the ferrule measures 14.5mm between the keys on the ferrule and 15mm measuring on top of the keys. Do you have 83mm powder baskets that will fit my poles? If not , do you know a source for replacement baskets? If no source for the baskets is available, do you have ferrules and baskets that will fit my Ferma poles?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Terry, unfortunately we won't have anything that will fit that Kerma pole. I would maybe reach out to Dynastar/Kerma and see if they have ideas on replacement parts that would fit. Give us a shout if you have any more questions.
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Question from Paul
Just received a pair of Black diamond traverse flick lock poles I can’t seem to get the baskets on l have tried everything I can think of. Tried screwing them on clock wise they just seem to spin in place and will not seat themselves up the shafts. help. Thanks.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Paul, thanks for reaching out! Those baskets do require a little force to slide them in far enough for the threads to engage. Place the handle on the ground with the pole tip straight up, and press down on the basket while screwing it into place. Let me know if this works for you!
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Question from Bob
Will the Black Diamond ski pole baskets you show on line fit an older Black Diamond Traverse pole?

Thank you very much,

Answer from Cole P
Hey Bob, they all should fit your old Traverse just fine. Thanks for reaching out!
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Question from Gregg Zoarski
Looking for a pair of replacement baskets for an old but reliable pair of Scott poles. Pulled off the originals, and as welll as I am able to measure, the center hole tapers from about 13mm to 10mm. Would the Black Diamond free ride do the job? Any other recommendations? Don't need a powder basket since I ski mostly on hard pack. Small baskets are fine. Thank you.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Gregg, looks like our black diamond baskets are all measuring above 14 mm. Those alpine baskets are difficult to find. I would check your local ski shop and see if they have any or contact Scott sports directly.
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Question from Dejan
I use BD alpine carbon cork poles with grey powder baskets which are screwed on flex tech tips.
Yesterday I bought this new compactor black baskets and I found they had a bigger hole than my grey ones.
Because of that, they dont screw on flex tech tips properly.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Dejan, I'm sorry that new basket isn't fitting well! If you could email us the measurements of the different hole sizes as well as a photo of the new basket at, we'll see there's a way we can help!
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Question from Matt
What’s the point/supposed benefit of the new 3/4 indexed baskets? And what’s the proper orientation?
Answer from Jeff
Matt, the 3/4 basket has been around for a long time. It is a bit lighter an the empty space side goes in direction of travel. It gives less drag on the climb. The new Indexed version goes with this years poles. It is notched so they don't spin around. I have been using the old ones for years, and they are never in the right spot.
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Peter L (downright abused product)
Not too much to say on something as simple as a pole basket. Nice that BD provides a few options. They do wear out over several seasons but hey, that's why you can buy them here.

Here are a few tips (no pun) to help others:

- Helio baskets ONLY fit Helio poles - they are a much larger inner diameter. Learned this the hard way. exchanged for me though!

- Compact baskets sound good in theory, but there is no way I've found to stop them from rotating, so the supposed benefit of better tip penetration doesn't really materialize. Too bad.

- The little olive-shaped ferrules that hold the baskets onto the pole shaft are available through BD directly. You have to email them though as they don't list them on their site.

- Bonus hack: I had a pair of $7 aluminum XC ski poles I picked up from Goodwill that I wanted to use as a cheap set of lightweight poles, but the XC style tip didn't provide enough penetration nor flotation (on hard and soft snow respectively). However, you can buy BD "Flex tips" elsewhere and replace the XC baskets/tips with them, then put on your standard BD ski basket. So you can convert XC ski poles to a nice tip setup for less than $20. Also works for trekking poles.
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Question from Jay Roberts
What is the diameter and hole size for the basket? Will it fit a k2 5 speed pole?
Answer from Jeff
We measured the inside diameter of the Powder basket at 13.7mm. We don't have a K2 pole to measure, hope that works for you.
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Question from Matha Hunt
Are Helio or Freeride baskets lighter/ There is no weight given for the Helio baskets?
Will both options fit on a Black diamond Razor carbon ski pole?
Answer from Nate
Hi Matha, the Helio basket is not compatible with the Razor carbon pole. In this case the Freeride basket is your best option.
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Question from cmott
I lost a basket off my old 2 piece flick lock ski poles, I ordered and received replacement powder baskets, but I need the threaded sleeve piece that the basket screws into...Haven't been able to locate this piece???
Answer from eric
Cmott, We currently do not have that part in stock. We will have to check if it is available.
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Question from Rich
Do the grey compactor baskets with cutouts to snap folded poles into come in a set of two?
Answer from jbo
Hi Rich, yes all the baskets are sold in pairs.
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Question from Ruth
Will these fit all poles ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ruth, it doesn't fit all poles, just ones with a replaceable basket mechanism similar to Black Diamond's.
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Benski (used product regularly)
Pick up a pair of powder baskets to keep for deep days. Nothing is worse than losing a basket in Cascade Concrete and not having a spare to screw on (you might also be able to just find some in the spring at the trailhead). Green works well to differentiate your baskets when you lose em:)
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