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Black Diamond Ski Strap


Capable of withstanding a nuclear bomb, the plague, or even some motivated ski edges, the Black Diamond Ski Strap is a simple invention with thousands of uses. For example, with the forked tongue, they fit perfectly over many instep buckles in the case you break a strap or cable on your boots. The straps are bit more stretchy than the Voiles, and feature a burly aluminum buckle. Use it here, use it there, use it everywhere, the possibilities are endless. 19in (48cm) long.

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Nick (downright abused product)
Great strap that does exactly what you need it to do. Always worthwhile to keep a few spares of these all over... you never know what you'll need 'em for.
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Scott (downright abused product)
Never a bad thing to have around. I prefer these to the Voile strap. The metal buckle holds well and there seem to be more options to make it fit. Use them year round ot strap stuff to packs, bikes... everything!
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UPC: 0793661102717

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