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Do you find yourself envious of your friend's quick-carry ski system? Do you wake up night after night, worried that your pack isn't optimized to be as efficient as possible? Well, rest easy, Blue Ice has you covered with the Quick Ski Carry Kit. Inspired by skimo racing, this kit allows you to attach your skis to your pack without having to remove it. While not a necessity, this will save you time and hassle, which is especially welcome for quick booting sections. This style of carry also allows you to retrieve your skis without having to take your pack off, which is very welcome during steep transitions from booting to skiing. For a quick and practical way to carry skis, get the Quick Ski Carry Kit from Blue Ice.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Malcolm
Curious about ski compatibility.
Hi, I think this is exactly something I’m looking to add to my pack, I’m using Fischer transalp 86 in a 183 length with ATK race bindings — is the hook going to work with my skis? Or is it really just for skimo race skis
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Malcolm,

Wider skis can cause issues with the hook system, but you shouldn't have any issue with your 86s. You can also wrap the bungee a half-turn around the ski before hooking it on, that will increase reliability.
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