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Emmett I

Emmett I




5' 11"


135 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year


My Skiing

park rat, snowmobiler and skimo racer

My Gear

Skidoo Summit 2006

Recent Posts

Joe, They are pretty similar skis, both amazing. I would say the Armada has a bit more energy to it - the more you push it, the more energetic it gets, almost to the point where it's too energetic. The Ripstick is very quick edge to edge, having a left and a right ski does actually make a big difference. Not sure how much of a difference the rocker at the tip would make in powder, but it was definitely noticeable on groomers.
Mark, We haven't heard of anyone doing that so I'm not exactly sure what would be involved in moving or removing it. You'd void the warranty of course. You could also heat mold them with a ton of padding on your ankle bone, or heat that spot and pack it out with your hands.
Steph, You could probably ski the Weston Summit Carbons with this boot. In crud or other conditions where you want more power, they might feel a little soft, but in ideal conditions, they should be alright. Keep in mind that the lateral stiffness of these boots is plenty, it's primarily the forward stiffness that is the limiting factor. So keeping that in mind, I'd recommend sizing down length-wise a bit.
Aligi, This might be a great option for you! They are very quick edge-to-edge, and stable when on your edge. You may also want to detune the tails a bit to help break out of the turns, regardless of the ski you choose. Another good option would be the Locator. They're very energetic on crud and hardpack at speed, which might not be ideal for you, but in spring conditions and somewhat soft snow, they're playful and easy to ski.
Scott, While we don't sell that part specifically, you should be able to get the Colltex Race tips and just use the bungee, washer and black race tip. You may want to replace both in the name of color coordination.

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