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Brooks-Range Digital Thermometer


The Brooks-Range thermometer measures temperature swiftly and accurately in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scales. Range varies from -20C to +150C, or -4F to -302F. The head swivels for easy reading. Fast 1-second update time with an auto shut-off feature. Stainless steel probe is durable and corrosion resistant. Both the On/Off switch and scale-selection switch are located on the face for simple access. Includes a handy case with clip.

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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Five Stars for a big improvement over those hopelessly old school dial stem thermometers.
Plus easy to switch between C for conformance with AAA SWAG vs F when your hopelessly old school American brain wants to translate temps into something relatable.
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Model: Digital Snow Thermometer UPC: 0897502001617

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