Jonathan S

Jonathan S
Height:5' 8"
Weight:145 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.00
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
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My Skiing

I grew up skiing at a small local NY hill (where Max Taam also first skied!) and eventually was an NCAA alpine race coach for (too) many years, although my SL & GS skis now get almost no use, and I even sold my SG & DH skis.
Since 1999, I've become increasingly into self-propelled skiing, and for the past six years I've been averaging over half a million vertical feet for earned turns each season.
Given the fickle NE natural snowpack for backcountry powder, I often train at local ski areas and organize a multiple-venue skimo race series.
But my favorite time of year is when the wx and avy danger clears up for long 10k+ multiple-ravine tours in our Presidentials range, plus of course late spring and summer PNW volcano trips.
The best ski tours though are out our back door for xc w/ my wife & our daughter!

My Gear

Too much gear?
Boots = Scarpa Alien 1.0 for most training & touring, but Dynafit RC1 for racing & really long tours
2016-17 quiver (all w/ Plum & Dynafit race bindings, including some "mixed" setups), perhaps even to stay the same for 2017-18 (even Skimo Co doesn't tempt me too much):
La Sportiva Nano 172 (deep unconsolidated snow)
Dynafit Denali 168 (winter powder & resort sidecountry)
Volkl VTA 88 Lite 170 (winter ski mountaineering)
Dynafit Cho Oyu 166 (mixed days of compacted ski trails & glades-- impulse buy!)
Trab Magico 164 (late-winter & early-spring ski mountaineering)
Movement Big Fish-X 160 (late-spring & summer ski mountaineering)
Hagan X-Race (both current rockered version & prior traditional-camber version)
And for very low-snowpack conditions, old Movement Logic-X 169 (still light, but no rocker)

Recent Posts

I've had a Micro Traxion since whenever it first came out several years ago, and before that the Mini Traxion. I bought it for crevasse rescue, and have practiced with it a decent (and hopefully adequate!) amount. The device is much smaller than one might expect from looking at the product listing picture, yet is also far more functional that one might expect from examining it at first in person. Previously during some training courses of a more old-school orientation I practiced building various hauling sy...
Just an update that my version is the pre-2018 model as shown in the picture of my review, lacking the new clever little orange addition.
This is my sixth pair of aluminum crampons over the years, but my first pair not made by CAMP. I still love my CAMP Race 290, and I will continue to use them with my PG boots. But I wanted to start using my Alien 3.0 boots for some spring and summer ski mountaineering, and their boot sole is longer than my PG boots. The Race 290 takes hours to adjust back and forth between boots, and I even considered buying a second pair, but having two pairs of dedicated Race 290 crampons seemed a little bit too strange....
Whoops, picture not loading -- but just take the listing picture and reverse it by 180 degrees for correct orientation screwed down on your work bench.
I've had one of these screwed down onto my wooden workbench since our house was built in 2006. The orientation should be like that shown in my picture, with the vertical guide closest to you. The only drawback to this design is that the scraper might develop somewhat of a concavity over time, as the tendency is to sharpen more of the middle of the scraper edge's length. Another approach is to use a sander on your scraper edge, but that of course entails placing your scraper in a vise then getting out you...

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