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Brooks-Range Digital Pro Study Kit


Brooks-Range's Digital Pro Snow Study Kit improves upon the basic kit by giving you all the best tools to make snowpack evaluations. Ideal for advanced students taking a Level II or Level III avalanche course or any pro looking to update their kit. The Digital Pro kit has everything you need to measure avalanche conditions, all wrapped in a great organizing case.

  • Fieldbook #311 - Allows you to write under any condition regardless of how wet or cold.
  • Ski Guide Card Set - 18 Ski Guide cards covering backcountry planning, safety, and rescue.
  • Slope Meter - Accurately measure the angle of any slope.
  • 2-inch Snow Brush - For use in snow study pits.
  • Folding Magnifier X10 - For viewing snow crystals up close.
  • 2x Digital Thermometers - To document the snowpack's temperature and easily recognize if there is a gradient. Auto shut off, C° and F° scales.
  • Snow Crystal Card Pro - 3 textured grids for examining snow crystals and doubles as inclinometer. Backside has snow pit "prompt legends".
  • 100cm & 200cm Folding Rulers - For documenting a snow pit with precision.
  • Snow Study Organizer Pro - A large, zippered organizer with pockets and loops for all your snow science tools.

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Model: Digital Pro Study Kit UPC: 0897502001693

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