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The Blitz is a lightweight harness with all-mountain features that is also great for glacier travel. A bit more rugged than the Alp Racing Harness, the Blitz features thicker straps, hydrophobic materials, and additional durable gear loops. The true highlight, however, is a clever design that lets you strip off the harness without removing your skis. Simply unbuckle the clips on the front of the leg loops and you can pull the Blitz right off your backside. This gets you back to skiing just a bit faster, which is always worth it.

  • Soft, hydrophobic materials are comfortable and repel moisture from melting snow.
  • No-twist belay loop is a CAMP specialty that lets you hang naturally from biners attached horizontally.
  • 4 gear loops (2 on each side) hold carabiners, personal anchors, and other protection you may need.
  • Detachable leg loops let you remove the harness without having to take off your skis to step out.
  • Belay loop floates independently on the waist belt so it can slip off when the buckle is detached.
  • Two sizes feature a contour fit to help the harness stay out of the way when walking or rappelling.
  • Drop-seat lets you detach the backs of your leg loops when nature calls at an inopportune moment.
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing with tight tolerances make the harness fully CE & UIAA compliant.
Sizing Waist Legs
XS-M 24-32 in 20-26 in
M-XL 33-41 in 23-28 in

convert to ounces
215g [XS-M]
225g [M-XL]
Gear Loops 4 large side
Drop Seat Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday ski mountaineering
Notes Can strip off without removing skis
Bottom Line Lighweight, functional security
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Questions & Reviews

Jim Pace (used product regularly)
Ditto what Robert said, but with some added notes. If you are near the boundary between sizes, go larger. I have a 32 waist, the and larger size works fine. For winter climbing with lots of clothing, the smaller size wouldn't fit me. It has a lot more versatility (with 4 gear loops and ice gear slots) than the BD ski harness. I also really appreciate the belay biner keeper thingy on the belay loop. I use it in the summer for climbing in places like the Idaho Sawtooths, where with long approaches, the weight savings of this harness means I can carry another cam and a few more slings. Hanging in it all day would not be fun, but for most alpine climbing, this is the shizzle.
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Robert C (used product regularly)
I've used this harness one long distance ski tours and day trips when I might want a quick belay. On tours in glaciated terrain, it just holds enough to have everything you need. In some ways, I can see this misconstrued as a negative; when loaded up, the gear slings pull from the top of the waist strap and can make it uncomfortable. For me personally, this means I have too much gear, and need to slim down the rack. It did take me a while to figure out how to adjust it to get it tight enough around my waist.

Solid, simple, lightweight harness for the steep skiing or alpine climb. Being able to hop in and out of this with skis or crampons on is just icing on the cake. It packs up super small in its own clean harness bag.
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