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There are heavy axes, and there are light axes, and then there's the CAMP Corsa Race Ice Axe. The Corsa Race is a hyperlight, skimo-tailored axe that is specifically designed to eliminate extra weight. At 50 cm in length, the Corsa Race has managed to slim down by removing materials in the shaft, getting rid of the shaft plug and machining holes into the bottom of the handle. An added benefit of the machined pattern is improved grip and easier handling. As an ISPO Gold Award winner for 2020, this crazy light axe with a new non-welded head gives the best strength to weight ratio and allows for a more comfortable fit in your hand. Despite weighing in at a minuscule 190 grams, the Corsa Race Ice Axe is not only designed for our competitive racers, but for anyone who wants the lightest gear in the mountains. Hey, lighten up!

  • Among the lightest certified ice axes on the planet meeting EN13089 standard.
  • 50cm length shaft meets ISMF standards.
  • Significant material reductions in the shaft and no shaft plug decrease weight to sub 200g.
  • Machined holes in the shaft give better grip and even more weight reduction.
  • ISPO Gold Award winner for 2020.
  • Specifically designed for skimo racing. (This axe is not designed for vertical ice or mixed terrain mountaineering).
  • Seamless integration with the Corsa leash. (Sold separately).
Lengths (cm) 50
convert to ounces
188g [50]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 Aluminum pick and shaft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Competitive ski mountaineering, racing, lightweight mountaineering
Notes Reduced material and no plug in the shaft eliminate extra weight
Bottom Line A superlight axe made even lighter for racers and gram-counters
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