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CAMP Crampon Parts

CAMP makes lots of crampons and those crampons consist of lots of parts. You can replace those parts and accessories with the products below. Also feel free to build franken-crampons if certain toe bails happen to fit your ski boots better than others. Find toe bails, heel bails, linking bars, carry cases, and even spike protectors in our CAMP crampon parts selection.

Anti-balling plates for CAMP crampons help prevent snow buildup that can be dangerous. If snow accumulates under the sole of your boot, it will prevent the crampon spikes from gaining full purchase into the ground which can then lead to slipping. These VirbramĀ® rubber plates are designed to shed snow and help avoid this situation. Some people prefer to simply knock their boots toge..
From $19.95
Broke a bail or want to convert your automatic crampons to semi-automatic? These toe and heel replacement bails for your CAMP crampons are just the ticket. All bails are sold in pairs. Automatic Toe - Aluminum - Clean aluminum toe bail for CAMP's XLC 390, XLC Nanotech, Race 290, and Tour 350 crampons. Semi-Auto Toe - Skimo - Convert the CAMP Skimo crampons into a semi-auto bi..
From $19.95
It's a good idea to keep your crampon toes and heels connected. Otherwise, one or both might fall down the mountain. Replacement linking bars for CAMP crampons are found here. Sold in pairs with left and right bars included. XLC Aluminum - Replacement bars for XLC 390, XLC 470, XLC 490 and XLC Nanotech crampons. These are made of aluminum for lightweight strength. 17.5cm long wi..
From $29.95
Crampons have a tendency to poke holes in expensive jackets or backpacks unless they are contained in a separate compartment. The crampon carrying case from CAMP will give you said containment. Zip open, deposit crampons, zip closed. This is not a magic bag so most likely when you unzip the next time, your crampons will still be there. The bag also has a handle in case you need to ..

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