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Broke a bail or want to convert your automatic crampons to semi-automatic? These toe and heel replacement bails for your CAMP crampons are just the ticket. All bails are sold in pairs.

Automatic Toe - Aluminum - Clean aluminum toe bail for CAMP's XLC 390, XLC Nanotech, Race 290, and Tour 350 crampons.

Semi-Auto Toe - Skimo - Convert the CAMP Skimo crampons into a semi-auto binding. Great for fitting TLT7 and other SpeedNose boots.

Automatic Heel - Aluminum - Simple levering heel bail found on XLC and Tour crampons from CAMP.

Automatic Heel - Steel - Steel version of the automatic bails found on the Tour Nanotech crampons.

Semi-Auto Heel - Aluminum - Works with CAMP's aluminum crampons with Semi-automatic bindings such as XLC 470 and the XLC Nanotech. Has a longer strap than the Auto version for feeding through the toes.

Semi-Auto Heel - Steel - The semi-auto version of the Tour Nanotech heel bail, with a longer strap as compared to the auto.

Semi-Auto Heel - Skimo - Semi-auto heel throw for all Skimo crampons. Longer strap to reach the toes.

Ascent Semi-Auto Toe Bail - Semi-auto toe bail for boots without a toe welt.

Ascent Universal Heel Bail - Heel bail for adapting boots with and without heel welt for universal fit.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Pablo
What toe bail would I need to convert Camp Stalker toe bails from Auto to Semi Auto?
Answer from Will
Hey Pablo,

We don't carry the Stalker so I can't get my hands on it. However, based off of the images online it appears that the Stalker is unable to be modified from a semi-auto to auto. Sadly that means that these options we carry won't work for that crampon!
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Question from Andy S
What toe bail would I need to convert Camp Tour 350 toe bails from Auto to Semi Auto?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Andy, the “Semi-Auto Toe - Skimo” will be a different color scheme, but should be a good choice for you!
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Question from Trevor Long
Do these camp toe bails come in pairs?
Answer from jbo
Hi Trevor, yes they are packaged and sold in pairs.
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