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Broke a bail or want to convert your automatic crampons to semi-automatic? These toe and heel replacement bails for your CAMP crampons are just the ticket. All bails are sold in pairs.

Automatic Toe - Aluminum - Clean aluminum toe bail for CAMP's XLC 390, XLC Nanotech, Race 290, and Tour 350 crampons.

Semi-Auto Toe - Skimo - Convert the CAMP Skimo crampons into a semi-auto binding. Great for fitting TLT7 and other SpeedNose boots.

Automatic Heel - Aluminum - Simple levering heel bail found on XLC and Tour crampons from CAMP.

Automatic Heel - Steel - Steel version of the automatic bails found on the Tour Nanotech crampons.

Semi-Auto Heel - Aluminum - Works with CAMP's aluminum crampons with Semi-automatic bindings such as XLC 470 and the XLC Nanotech. Has a longer strap than the Auto version for feeding through the toes.

Semi-Auto Heel - Steel - The semi-auto version of the Tour Nanotech heel bail, with a longer strap as compared to the auto.

Semi-Auto Heel - Skimo - Semi-auto heel throw for all Skimo crampons. Longer strap to reach the toes.

Ascent Universal Heel Bail - Heel bail for adapting boots with and without heel welt for universal fit.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Novice
Would the ascent universal heel bail work on BD sabretooth crampons? I have the strap version of it. I don’t have a welt behind the heel on the boot I’m intending to use the crampons on - looking to swap the heel bail with these. Can you please confirm if possible
Answer from Jeff
Hey Novice, They would fit on, but if the heel lines up right, I can't say.
We don't have a Sabretooth here to check. But doesn't look like the heel will line up well. The distance from the pin attachment to the back is 5cm. On the BD crampon we have, that comes up well ahead of the back of the crampon.
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Question from Jacob Speer
Will the accent universal heel bail and accent semi auto toe bail work and fit with black diamond crampons?
Answer from Emmett I

Those will work with any of the BD crampons without integrated strap bails. Sometimes they'll need a bit of bending.
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Question from Ian H Allaway
Hi, any chance you could measure how wide these are, as in the spread between the two parallels bits right next to where it slots into the holes on the crampon frame? I have a pair of old grivel crampons that I'm hoping to convert to semi-auto, and it seems like these might work, thanks!
Answer from Niko M
Hi Ian! The steel semi-auto toe bails measure 82mm in width. The skimo semi-auto toe bails are 86mm in width. Note that they can be stretched to be wider. Thanks!
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Question from Kade
Do you know how these fit on ski boots? Scarpa F1?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Kade! Any bail listed above will work well with your boot. Feel free to email us at to dive into the details. Thanks!
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Question from R C
Would any of these heel bails fit into the small holes on a pair of Petzl Leopards? My BD heel bails fit through the holes but are too wide to turn at the bend radius. Their bar is 4.3mm in diameter. The stock petzls are about 3.4mm
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi R C, the "Semi-Auto Heel Bail - Skimo" fits. The others use larger diameter wire and won't turn in the Leopard crampons.
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Question from Alex
Curious if the universal heel bail can be retrofitted onto blade runners? Boots that I wear during “shoulder” seasons don’t have heel welts. Many thx!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Alex,

Camp/Cassin do not make a universal heel bail for the Blade Runner. This is likely due to the fact that a technical ice and mixed crampon like the Blade Runner is not the best pairing with a boot that lacks welts.

We do not have any Blade Runners in house, so we are unable to test other Camp bails on this crampon. If you reach out to, we will see if we can get a more definitive answer for you.
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Question from Giampaolo M
Hello, I would like some help to convert my SKimo Pure nanotech in semiautomatic crampons.
What is the best setup?
Is the toe bail enough to secure it to the shoe? Or it is necessary the heel bail too?
Which one you would suggest me?

PS: They work good with my Maestrale ski-shoes. Still have to buy my Alpinist-shoes.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Giampaolo, unless you are using a boot or hiking boot with a rigid heel welt you would need to purchase both the Semi-Auto Toe-Skimo and the Ascent Universal Heel Bail. Give us a shout at with any other crampon questions.
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Question from Scott B
What is the best setup for converting a pair of Camp Automatic Nanotech’s to my TLT 8’s ?
Answer from Scott B
I forgot to mention that they are the pure stainless nanotech model…
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Scott, thanks for reaching out! For the best fit, I believe you'll want the "Semi-Auto Toe - Skimo", which we are out of, unfortunately. I've just set you up with an inventory notification, so you'll get an email when they're back in stock!

FYI, we tested the "Ascent Semi-Auto Toe Bail" on the CAMP Skimo Pure Nanotech crampons with a TLT8, and it seemed to not allow the boot to come far enough forward. We felt that the front points were too far ahead of the boot toe and the attachment may not be as secure.
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Question from Blake
I have CAMP XLC nanotech full auto crampons, and I’d like to convert them to semi-auto. Will the full auto heel strap work with the semi-auto toe bail or do I need to get new a new heel as well?

Looking to use them with boots that have a heel welt but no toe welt. Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Blake, the automatic heel strap probably won't be long enough or strong enough due to the plastic buckle, so you'll likely need toe bails and heel bails.
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Question from Chris
Would any of these semi-auto toe bails work for the Camp XLC 390?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Chris, the Ascent Semi-Auto Toe Bail should work great.
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Question from Pablo
What toe bail would I need to convert Camp Stalker toe bails from Auto to Semi Auto?
Answer from Will M
Hey Pablo,

We don't carry the Stalker so I can't get my hands on it. However, based off of the images online it appears that the Stalker is unable to be modified from a semi-auto to auto. Sadly that means that these options we carry won't work for that crampon!
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Question from Andy S
What toe bail would I need to convert Camp Tour 350 toe bails from Auto to Semi Auto?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Andy, the “Semi-Auto Toe - Skimo” will be a different color scheme, but should be a good choice for you!
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Question from Trevor Long
Do these camp toe bails come in pairs?
Answer from jbo
Hi Trevor, yes they are packaged and sold in pairs.
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