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CAMP 70% Mohair Kit


The CAMP Mohair Mix climbing skins are made of 70% mohair and 30% nylon for an excellent mix of climbing grip, glide, and durability. Mohair, a silk like yarn made from the hair of an Angora goat, is known for its smooth glide. Nylon is known for its durability and ability to repel water. Woven together, these make for a great every-day skin for ski mountaineering, fast on long approaches while able to withstand some abuse.

  • CAMP Top Fix skin attachment (45g) is made from a durable rubber that stretches ~1.5 inches (3.75cm) for a secure fit.
  • Metal loop on the tip accommodates various width skis with thicknesses up to 0.5 inches (1.25cm).
  • Includes tail hooks fastened with rivets for full-ski coverage up to 180cm in length.
  • Trim to fit your skis with the included CAMP skin cutter.
  • Includes a handy carrying case to help stay organized (29 grams).

Questions & Reviews

A OK (downright abused product)
The glide is okay, their grip on the uptrack is more than adequate, and they fold up easier than a stiff, all nylon skin. The skin itself is good, reasonably lightweight, too.

The glue, however, lost its stickiness prematurely on me. Where other skins easily go 2+ seasons with adequate stickiness, these lost that after one. Prepare to be adding glue of your own as a touch up.

Personal preference here, but I dislike the tip (and even self-riveted tail) attachment. I'd suggest not even using the tail rivets, but when the glue isn't sticking great, it does help keep the skins in place. And I don't prefer the rubberized, stretchy tip attachment either: it's hard to pull outward, so I end up smushing it off to the side. Inevitably, this isn't smooth and attracts snow at the same time.

I ended up just removing the riveted tail units which eliminates one problem but demands sticky glue..
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Model: Mohair Mix

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