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Contour Race Per CM

No Longer Available

The Contour Race skins have a 100% mohair plush that is optimized for durability and speed. The special length hairs are carefully spaced on a tough backing that outlasts the competition. Put the number of centimeters you’d like in the Qty field and we will cut a length off the roll for you. Assemble or affix your favorite race tips and start skinning. These are parallel race cut and 62mm wide, making them great for slick tracks where every mm counts.

If you prefer your skins with tips attached, check out the race kits.

ORDERING NOTE: These skins are sold by the centimeter (cm), meaning you should type in the Qty field the length (in cm) of skin you want for one ski “times two” for a PAIR. Unless you are making a backup skin, then just times it by one.

Questions & Reviews

Christopher W (used product regularly)
I've used these for skimo the past year and they have performed beyond expectation in every way. As my first experience with 100% mohair, I was expecting a little crankiness - either slip or poor durability, if not both. I have been quite pleasantly surprised. The performance and durability have been exceptional. They are very light and quite "noodly". Unfortunately I can't comment too much on the adhesive, as I pre-emptively stripped and reglued the tail + underfoot area before every taking them out, on the assumption BD's glue would be better.

Perhaps I have little basis for comparison, but glide is excellent, and traction hasn't been a problem in any reasonable race situation.
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