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Contour Race skins are known for their durability and luxurious plush. You probably won’t sleep on them too often, but the snow will thank you for the soft petting. They are very grippy yet still have excellent glide. The Race kits are made of 100% mohair which is naturally light and sleek. The skins are straight cut for speed. The tips feature a tight bungee cord blocked by an O-ring and fixed with a rivet. The tails can be cut to your preferred length. The Contour Race skins are a great value and just work.

  • Contour kits are parallel cut and come in 59, 62, and 65mm widths.
  • Quick-release bungee tip slides into the notches on most race skis.
  • Durable skin backing keeps your hair intact and climbing.
  • Reliable glue that sticks but can still be pulled apart.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from clarkboulder
I just want to make sure your product description is up-to-date. I have 6 pair of these bought over the course of the last few years (with two more just purchased recently) and they have all been aqua blue/teal and none have had the sewn D ring at the tip nor a plastic knob pull. They are currently riveted, with a rubber washer and sewn pull tag as shown here. I like these skins and they have been durable and reliable. The glue does ball up quickly but they still seem to work if cared for properly. (similar experience with BD glue) I did buy more Contour glue to touch them up soon.
Answer from jbo
Hi clarkboulder, thanks for the photo and details. We have tweaked our listing to catch up with production!
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Question from Amber Bethe
Could you adapt this skin for use on a nordic touring ski? They don't have notches on the tips, so would need some kind of a tip clip.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Amber,

I think it would be easier to start from scratch with a skin off the roll as opposed to adapting a precut. Take a look at our Off The Roll Selection, and shoot us an email at, and we can chat attachment systems!
Answer from jbo
Hi Amber, sure it's possible but it would be better to grab the Contour Mohair 50mm kit. Looks like we are out of stock at the moment but should be getting more. You could also look at material off the roll and attach some other tips.
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Question from David
I'm interested in a minimalist skin for in-a-day long flat approaches. In this case, King's peak, UT. Would you recommend this skin for this purpose?
Answer from jbo
Hi David, yes you can go pretty skinny on Kings! Here is a photo of some 37mm wide skins I used for that approach (on race skis).
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Pete (used product regularly)
Four stars for the fastest pair of skins I've owned. Glide is incredible, much better than Kohla and the old BD full mohair, haven't used the new Pomoca 2.0 so can't make that comparison. Tip bungee is my favorite so far.

Only complaint is that the glue tends to fail more often Pomoca's and Kohla's, at the same time they pull apart easier so its a bot of a trade off.
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Jesse M (used product regularly)
The skins seem very light weight (more so than Pomocas? No gram scale here- kinda subjective) and glide great right out of the box. They climb like champs as well. On the other hand, I suspect the glue is not quite as good as Coletex and Pomoca (not to mention BD Gold). I began to see some balling of the glue after a few days of use while the aforementioned brands dont seem to show this for some time. Also, the tip bungee system is not that great. The bungee material is very thin and so they easily max out in stretch while applying them making it hard to pull the pull tab and remove them. Luckily, the mounting is cleverly designed to make the bungees easily replaceable with a thicker bungee material. That upgrade and probably new BD Gold glue should make these some awesome skins. Im not yet sure about long term durability since the snow is just too good to test that. I'll suffer through and report back with extended use but my initial feelings are that they will be ball park with Pomoca.
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