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Ever wonder if you could quantify that perfect day in the mountains or that time you did more laps than you thought possible, or even that type II fun sufferfest that you're now proud of in hindsight? Funny thing, COROS makes these fancy watches to help you do just that! The APEX features an intuitive software system, tons of customization options, and a battery life that we dare you to tour long enough to see its end. The 46mm model has a ridiculous battery life of 100 hours in UltraMax GPS mode and 35 hours in normal mode. The 42mm model is no slouch either with 80 hours UltraMax GPS, 25 hours full GPS, and 24 days of regular use. On both, the interface consists of a single scrolling button to keep things simple and maximize ease of use without limiting any functionality. A locking mechanism requires a spin to unlock the screen so that this one-and-only approach is very secure. That way you won't start, stop, reset, or erase anything by accidentally pushing the button. Customizable data screens can be dialed in for each activity you choose. Data of all sorts can be stored and tracked when you hook up to the COROS app on your smartphone. This powerful tool gives you feedback on a wide variety of parameters and helps track training logs, or just let you know how the day went. With the COROS APEX, you can reliably record the important stats of your outings while you enjoy your time in the mountains.

  • Battery life of up to 100 hours of tracking lets you tour for days if that's your thing.
  • One button interface creates a straightforward experience with a fast learning curve.
  • Multiple sport settings give you options to customize data for just about any activity you can think of.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and ANT+ connectivity for smartphones and accessories.
  • Silicone strap is comfortable, durable, and replaceable.
  • Compatible with the COROS smartphone app where you can quickly and easily review the day.
  • Offered in two face diameters, 42mm or 46mm.
Charging Time Less than 2 hours
convert to ounces
54g [42mm]
Battery Life 80 hours UltraMax GPS, 25 hours full GPS, 24 days regular use [42mm]
100 hours UltraMax GPS, 35 hours full GPS, 30 days regular use [46mm]
Screen Touch No
Waterproof Rating 10 ATM (100M / 328ft)
Specs Verified 42mm only
Connection Bluetooth 4.2, ANT+
24/7 HR Monitoring Yes
Barometric Altimeter Yes
Blood Oxygen Monitoring No
Compass Yes
Display Type Memory LCD
Face Material Sapphire glass
Optical HR Monitor Yes
Strap Material Silicone
Skimo Co Says
Usage Race day, training day, any day you want feedback on your wanderings in the mountains
Notes Incredible battery life, even when running full GPS
Bottom Line Simple interface with spectacular battery life
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Model: APEX Premium MultiSport

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