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Dermatone Sunscreen Lotion


The sun is almost as powerful as a toddler that ate too much sugar. But the sun is equally dangerous and has a similar detrimental effect with long term exposure. Fortunately, protecting yourself from the sun requires far less body armor and sippy cups than a toddler. In fact, protection can be applied topically from this little user-friendly tube. The Dermatone Sunscreen Lotion is non-greasy and moisturizes while it’s blocking those harmful rays. Instead of opting for the weaker SPF30 variant, we figured that if you are serious about skiing, you are probably serious about your SPF rating and won’t settle for anything less than 50. The SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion comes in a pocket-sized tube that’s so small, you have no excuse to not carry it on those spring missions.

* Not for toddlers.

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Model: Sunscreen Lotion UPC: 0087052727321

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