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Unless your local skin track is equipped with water fountains every mile you’re going to need to bring water on your run to stave off dehydration. The Dynafit Flask shrinks as you sip, so not only does it get more portable as you go, it also minimizes the sloshing you get with regular water bottles. They also make for easy warm storage in your jacket for really cold days. BPA/PVC free and integrates perfectly with Dynafit and other skimo packs.

Size Weight
250ml (8.4oz) 21g (0.7oz)
300ml (10.1oz) 23g (0.8oz)
500ml (16.9oz) 26g (0.9oz)

Questions & Reviews

Zesheng H (used product regularly)
Less than two years, regularly use, the bottom came up a small open during recent running trip, water was leaking.

The quality not quit recommend.
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Model: Flask

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