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Dynafit Ski Uphill Beanie

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to fully express just how much you love skiing uphill? Then fear not! The oh-so-fashionable Ski Uphill Beanie from Dynafit will help you share your feelings—and much more. This retro style Pom-Pom beanie is, “cool,” as the kids say nowadays, and it also will keep your noggin' warm when the ambient temperature dips down, and wick the sweat away if you find yourself suddenly in a perspiration inducing situation. For the occasion when you need to communicate your passion in style, the Ski Uphill Beanie has you covered.

  • Wicking properties help minimize hat-head.
  • Insulating materials keep you warm even when you are not charging uphill.
  • Stylish in a unique way.

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Comment from john y
fantastic copywriting in the product description :)
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Model: Ski Uphill Beanie

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